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British TV series

Rubbadubbers from HOT/HIT Entertainment

   Rubbadubbers   (2002 - 2004)

   producers: HOT Animation for
                     HIT Entertainment  
   animation: stop-motion animation
39 x 10mins
                     and 1.5min interstitials

     "Here come the Rubbadubbers - Splish! Splash! Splosh!"
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    Bath-time fun here with a colourful cast of water toys. There's Tubb the frog, Terence
    the bath bottle crocodile, Finbar the wind-up bath shark, Sploshy the starfish-shaped
    sponge, Winona the squeaky toy whale, Reg the robot and Amelia the flying
    submarine. These bath-time buddies come to life whenever the wash room is empty.
    The gang imagine themselves in all kinds of fantasy situations and they work their
    way through songs, problems, escapades and adventures which take them out
    of the bath room and into a wealth of fantasy scenarios. But they're always
    certain to be back in the bath once more, before "Benjie" and "Sis" make their
    way to the facilities...

     Rubbadubbers from HOT/HIT Entertainment   Rubbadubbers from HOT/HIT Entertainment

    "Rubbadubbers" is animated by the team at HOT Animation, who previously
    brought Bob the Builder and friends to our screens, and it's great splashy fun
    for little 'uns. The stand-out star of the show is stuttering Finbar, as voiced by Irish
    comedian Sean Hughes. And there's lots of lovely detail on offer, big soapy bubbles,
    and rippling bath water. Taking the characters out of what could have become
    quite a dull bath environment means the animators can play with a variety of
    bright scenarios, and they certainly go to town, up in the clouds, on theatrical
    stages, and more. There's some fun interplay between them all too, with Tubb
    being the self-appointed leader, Sploshy always over-exuberant, Reg being very
    reserved and robotic, Terence always hesitant and afraid of new things and
    Finbar simply being gnawing, gnashing, angry at the world (though he couldn't
    even nibble a lilly pad, in reality).

    As one would expect from such a hit (HIT?) series, there were a plethora of
    licensed goodies produced when the show launched, one of the more popular
    items being this here all-talking, all-chomping Finbar plush toy:

     Finbar talking plush toy

     Cute, eh?
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    Like Buzz and Wooody in Pixar's "Toy Story" films, the Rubbadubbers prefer
    to come to life
when there aren't any humans around. Reg is their robot guard,
    and the others wait for his "all clear" before the fun and games commence.
    He takes center stage again outside the bathroom door, come story's end,
    as he hears their human owners coming, and calls out for the "Bathtime

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    Clean Fun

    Although there are cotton buds and sundries lying around, everything
    in the 'dubbers bathroom home is scrupulously clean at all times, with
    ne'er a used tissue, or a stray hair in sight!

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     Bathroom to Outback

     The series originator was Peter Curtis. He's since taken to the skies with
     Spellbound Entertainment and those ever-helpful Koala Brothers...

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     Rubbadubbers "The Houne that Tubb Built" from HIt Entertainment

     Tubb the Builder

     In the episode "The House that Tubb Built", Tubb takes us on an "if only"
     flight of fancy, in which he becomes the head of a building site who looks
     just like his HIT Entertainment stablemate, Bob the Builder. Terence is
     there too, and he's dressed up to look like Bob's building inspector
     Mr Bentley!

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    Splish-splash-splosh with them...

    Tubb, the frog toy
    Terence, the dinosaur toy
    Finbar, the wind-up shark

    Sploshy, the star-shaped bath sponge
    Winona, the squeaky whale toy
    Reg the plastic robot
    Amelia, the flying submarine toy

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    Rubbadubbers episodes

    Drip!                                Terence the Spy
Sploshy of the Arctic
          Terence's Bubble Trouble
    Hide and Seek
                   Tubb the Magician
    Scary Finbar
                      Amelia the Babysitter
High Noon in the Bathroom   Tubb the Frog Prince
    Amelia the Monster    
         Finbar and the Ghosts
    Reg the Monster
                 Sploshy's Wishes
    Terence's Double Trouble     The House that Tubb Built
                        Terence the Monster Hunter
    Terence of Arabia               Lighthouse Keeper Reg
   Sheriff Terrence                 Copy Sploshy
    Spaceman Reg                   Terence's Ties
    Deep Sea Reg                   
Finbar the Star
    Traindriver Tubb
                 Reg's Game Plan
    Tubb the Pirate                  Farmer Sploshy
    Speedy Terence                 Princess Amelia
    Sploshy's Tail                     Super Amelia
    Finbar's Important Part        Footballer Tubb
    Rocket Sled Reg                 Muddy Finbar
Amelia and the Detectives


    Clean and Groovy
    Great Skate
    All Wrapped Up

    Hide and Seek
    Swimming Races
    Being Choosey
    On a Roll
    Row, Row, Row

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     Rubbadubbers on DVD

    Here are the invididual releases:

     UK DVD
Rubbadubbers: Here Come the Rubbadubbers
                Region 2 / three episodes / HIT Entertainment / May 2003

     UK DVD Rubbadubbers: Splish! Splash! Splosh!
                Region 2 / four episodes / HIT Entertainment / Sept 2003

     UK DVD Rubbadubbers: Bathtime Scramble!
                Region 2 / four episodes / HIT Entertainment / Feb 2004

     UK DVD Rubbadubbers: Swimmin'
                Region 2 / four episodes / HIT Entertainment / April 2007

     And there's a box-set featuring the first three discs:

     UK DVD
Rubbadubbers Box-Set
                Region 2 / three discs / HIT Entertainment / March 2007

     In addition the Rubbadubbers also appear on several of
     HIT Entertainment's
Children's Favourites compilations...
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series director

& producer:
executive producers:

script editors:

interstitial writers:
music & lyrics:

puppet co-ordinator:

props & set dressing:

props master:
art direction
set design,
& fantasy set build:
assistants to
the art director:
puppet design:
storyboard coordinator:
storyboard artists:

initially developed by:
lighting camera:

assistant camera:
trainee camera

dubbing editor:
dubbing mixer:

post production
production assistants:
junior production

for HIT:
assistant line producer:
production supervisor
& coordinator for HIT:
head of global
production for HIT:
producer for HIT:

Brian Little, Nick Herbert

Jackie Cockle
Theresa Plummer-Andrews (for the BBC)
Jocelyn Stevenson (for HIT)
Kay Wilson (Nick Jr)
Tim Compton, Anne Starkey
Jocelyn Stevenson, Hiawyn Oram,
Andrew Brenner, Ian Carney, Sally Lever,
Hazel McBride, Ross Hastings,
Marc Seal, Andrew Viner,
Tom Cocklin, Robin Kingsland,
Jan Page, Polly Churchill
Ross Hastings, Sally Lever, Hazel McBride                   
Sarah Owen, Kurste Bythell, Kim Emson,
Merike van de Vijve, Jan Mass,
Jacky Howson, Charlie Hopkins,
Felix Pereira, George Laban,
Dale Hemenway, Sarah Pereira,
George Pereira, Jud Walton, Steve Cox,
George Laban, Gilly Fogg, Andy Burns,
Paul Couvela, Inge Van Wijngaarden,
Felix Perriera Crabtree, Oliver Putland
Daniel Alderson, Victor Georgiev
Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd
Leigh Manning (for HOT)
Rick Kent, Geoff Spain,
Richard Sykes, Alan Henry
Geraldine Corrigan, Karen Betty
Lucy Beckett, Jason Thompson
Tony Morris, John Price, Tom Horrell,
Debbie Tingle, Richard Dawson,
Lynne Ainsworth, Jon Kershaw,
Peter Minister, Adrian Simms,
Stuart Hutcheon, Dave Howarth
Nigel Place

Richard Edmunds, Barbara Biddulph    

Lynne Ainsworth, Trisha Budd
Curtis Jobling

Les Eaves
Les Eaves, Benedict Lewis, Dave King,
Ellen Meske, Vincent James,
Vivienne Heath, Shaun Magher
Zenith Entertainment
Peter Curtis
Sam James
Joe Dembinski, Dick Dando
Beth MacDonald, Dick Dando,
Paul Jones, Paul Smith,
Shirlaine Forrest, Jason Harris
Daniel Beckett
Rachel Fox
Zyggy Markiewicz, Mark Edwards,
Jane Hicks, Adam Taylor, Robert Francis
Mark Edwards
Eldon Snelgrove,
422 Manchester
John Wood,
Paul Harrison at 422 Manchester
Kathryn Gunn, Kate Nowakowksi
Lizzie Radcliffe, Steve Featherstone

Louise Spraggon
Macushla Carney
Katheryn Gunn
Laura Dimaio
Karen Davidsen
Madeleine Warburg
John Gordon Sinclair (Tubb)
Sean Hughes (Finbar)

Maria Darling (Sploshy)

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