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British TV series

       "Sarah & Duck" (Karrot Entertainment)

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  & Duck
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producers:  Karrot Entetainment
    animation:  CelAction 2D
    episodes:  40 x 7mins

    "Sarah and Duck!"

    Sarah is a super-inquisitive young girl exploring the big wide world around her
    house and hometown with her quacking best friend Duck. Now, as everyone
    knows, when you're very young, unravelling the mysteries of life can be very
    exciting, fantastic and wonderful indeed and Sarah and Duck are soon
    taking themselves off on surreal tangential flights of fancy to meet jolly articulate
    flora and fauna, elemental beings and lively houshold objects as they attempt
    to make sense of our wonderful world. Even our friendly Narrator joins in
    with the fun, breaking the Fourth Wall to cajolel and to steer the exploration
    onwards. Throw in a dotty little ditty of a theme song that has us repeating
    the series title over and over, with a quack at the end of each repetition and
    - well - you've got yourself a wide-eyed little series that's an absoloute delight
    from start to finish.

     "Sarah & Duck" (Karrot Entertainment)

    Sarah, Duck and their friends were created by Sarah Gomes Harris and
    Tim O'Sullivan and brought to life via Jamie Badminton and Karrot Animation.
    It's Karrot's first fully-fledged series commission and it's a real firecracker,
    with some fantastic flights of fancy and fabulous design. Think Crystal Tipps
    and Doris, if you will, because there's something of a Q3 spirit about this one.
    And Charlie and Lola's  joie de vivre is here too. But this is no copycat series.
    "Sarah and Duck" is its' own whimsical wonderful thing.

    Sarah came first

    So where did our little girl /little duck partnership come from, exactly? - The
    originators revealed some of the background info over on the BBC's web site.
    Apparently Sarah Gomes Harris worked up a drawing of our female lead whilst
    trying to come up with other ideas on another show. She and Tim would then
    joke about this girl having a Duck as her best friend and that they would live
    together and fly around in a bi-plane. Sarah then worked up the first ever
    drawing of Sarah and Duck, and off they flew...

    Roger, Roger

    The series is narrated by actor Roger Allam (V for Vendetta, The Iron Lady).
    He's known for portraying somewhat blustering, bowdlerizing society types.
    But here we encounter his softer side, and it's a treat for the ears. His narration
    really is caramel delicious...

     "Sarah & Duck" (Karrot Entertainment)
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    Look who's talking

   The Narrator
   Scarf Lady
   Scooter Boy
   Plate Girl
   The Ribbon Sisters


   Left Over Wool

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    Broadcast info

     The series premiered on CBeebies 18th February 2013, at 4:00pm...

    Series One

    Lots of Shallots
    Sarah, Duck and the Penguins
    Cheer Up Donkey
    Cake Bake
    Scarf Lady's House
    Robot Juice
    Bouncy Ball
    Sit Shop
    Kite Flight
    Umbrella and the Rain
    Big Shop
    Woollen Music
    Sarah Gets A Cold Ribbon
    Coloured Light
    Strawberry Souffle

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     Sarah & Duck on DVD

Coming soon!

     A Karrot Entertainment Production
     Distributed by BBC Worldwide

    created by Sarah Gomes Harris and Tim O'Sullivan

line producers:
executive producers:
executive producer
for BBC Worldwide:

series director:
animation director:
script editor:
lead animators:

series designer:
art direction:
design team:

production assistants:
assistant editor:
theme music:
CelAction 2D support:
sound and picture post:
voice record:

voice cast:

Jamie Badminton
Eleni O'Keeffe, Betti Doherty
Chris White and Alison Stewart

Henrietta Hurford-Jones

Tim O'Sullivan

Tim Fehrenbach

Sarah Gomes Harris and Benjamin Cook

Tim O'Sullivan
Alistair Park, Rachel Thorn
Hozen Britto, Jonathan Clarke,
Hannah de Spon, David Gray,
Kaye Heywood, Simon Taylor,
Alex Wilmott

Tony Clarke, James Cleland
Sarah Gomes Harris
Annes Stevens, Rebecca Whiteman
Rufus Blacklock, Angeliki Charenia,
Sarah Crockett, Tanya Scott

Graeme Brandham, Jade Duke
Graham Silcock
Sophie Weller
Tim O'Sullivan
Tanera Dawkins
Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz
Music 4
Tasha Lawrence (Sarah)
Roger Allam (Narrator)
Lesley Nico (Scarf Lady)
Andy Nyman (Bag, Cake and Left Over Wool)
David Carling (Rainbow)
Peter Gallagher (Moon)
Jamie Oram (Umbrella)
Dylan Issberner (Scooter Boy)
Yaeli Miller (Plate Girl)
Kiki Brooks (Ribbon Sisters)
Tony Clarke & Tim O'Sullivan (Shallots)


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