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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
The Secret Show

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The Secret Show    (2006)
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 producers: Collingwood O'Hare
                      for the BBC
2D animation
      episodes: 52 x 13 minutes


    Super secret agents Victor Volt and Anita Knight take on evil in all its dastardly
    forms in this high-kicking, karate-chopping, gadget-busting, action-packed,
    series from Collingwood O'Hare. Victor and Anita work for U.Z.Z., an underground
    organisation run by possibly-mad scientist Professor Professor and an operations
    chief whose name really is Changed Daily. Together they must thwart the
    twisted machinations of T.H.E.M., a loose conglomerate of bad guys and
    ne-erdowells lead by bad girl extraordinaire, Doctor Doctor. Evil takes
    on inumerable guises, from bogie balls to Commando Babies but somehow
    some way, they'll be stopped in their tracks by our heroes, just in the
    nick of time...

     U.Z.Z against T.H.E.M.

    "The Secret Show" takes its cue from those classic ITC spy series of the
     sixties. It's "Mission:Impossible" meets "Austen Powers", "Danger Man" and
     "The Avengers" and a bit of "Monty Python" to boot. The show is positively
     overflowing with enthusiasm, effervescent humour, enraged enemies, and
     fluffy pink bunny rabbits. It also features some super secret voices
     on its soundtrack, including ex-Eastender Mike Reid as Mr Atom, Tom
     Baker as Robert Baron, Felicity Kendall as Lucy Woo and Penelope
     Keith as Nana Poo-Poo.

     And then there's Stephen Fry. He came on board the pilot episode, voicing
     that luckiest of bad guys Lucky Leo. This was produced in August 2004
     and used to sell the show at Cartoon FORUM and MIPCOM. Whereupon
     the BBC boarded and commissioned 52 episodes for broadcast
     from Autumn 2006.
Lucky old Leo subsequently got a second bite
     at the cherry, because his titular episode was revamped to kickstart
     the second series!

     What a lucky fellow. And what luck for us, because "The Secret Show"
     is a karate kick up the backside for kids tv....



     Evil comes in inumerable forms. Here are a few of them:

     Doctor Doctor
The diabolical leader of the Bad Guys...

     The Impostors
Creatures capable of replicating humans as "hardcopy holograms"...

     Martian Gravity Thieves
Planetary thiecves capable of stealing gravity...

     Nanny Poo-Poo
     Controler of an unstoppable army of Commando Babies...

     He's hell-bent on the downfall of our agents, thanks to a mind-bomb...

     The Floaty Heads
     Aliens bent on sieving the world (yes, "sieving")...

     Robert Baron
     A man with a super-secret plan...

     Dr Hypno
     His hypno-powers are mind-bending...

     Eartha Quaker
     A super-stomping superhero...

     A super-intelligent pig...

     The Reptogators
     Underground monsters who can suck your brains out!...

     Mr Atom
     The smallest man in the world...

     The Chef
     A culinary villain, with grand guignol on his mind...



     2007 Children's BAFTA
- Best Animation
     2007 Children's BAFTA - Interactive (for the show's web site)


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    Ssh! - Those secret episodes...

    Series One

    The Secret Thing                Secret Sleep
    Who Stole Switzerland?        Super-Vic
    Bogie Ball (aka Booger Ball)   The Thing That Goes Ping
    Wedgie Attack!                   The Trousers of Doom
    Commando Babies                What's in The Box?
    Bad Hair Day                       Return of the Killer Toothbrush
    And That's For Helsinki!         Reptogator Attack!
    The Ball of Spong
                 Mr Atom
    Destination Sun                   When Good Food Goes Bad
    The Secret Room                 Flick the Switch
    Alien Attack!                       Giant Brain of Terror!
    Mirror Mirror                        You're History
    Dr Hypno Returns Again!        A Purrfect Villain

    Series Two

    Lucky Leo                           The Wobble Men from Dimension 10 
    Zombie Attack                     Mission to Monkey Nut Island
    Imposting the Impostors        A Hairy Scary World
    Ammonites Rule!                   World Savers
    Victor of the Future              The Hand  
    Monument Racers                 Secret Santa  
    Impostor Attack!                  The Z-Ray Goggles of Power
    Secret Spider                       The Secret Man
    Rise of the Floaty-Heads        Planet Professor Professor    
    Catch the Birdman                The Abyss
    World Anthem                      Stuff Stealers
    It's a Hamster World              The Villain Nobody Took Seriously 
    The Fluffy Bunnython             Secret Double Agent
of Doom


    Broadcast info

     The series premiered on BBC1 as part of the BBC's new
     Saturday morning magazine show "TMi" on 16th September 2006...


    The Secret Show on DVD

     UK DVD The Secret Show: The U.Z.Z. Files - Vol.1
                Region 2 / nine episodes / BBC / April 2008


      a Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd
      production for the BBC

      created by Tony Collingwood

         Tony Collingwood, Andrea Tran
         Chris O'Hare
      writers:             Tony Collingwood, Mark Holloway,
                             Mark Zaslove, Lee Pressman,
                             Jimmy Hibbert, Ken Pontac,
                             Ken Segall, Ben Townsend,
                             Baz Hawkins, Dave Ingham,
                             Laura Beaumont & Paul Larson,
                             David Stafford, Paddy Granleese,
Alex Williams, Ken Segall                                     
      script editing
      & casting:         
   Helen Stroud

              Roger Jackson
          Andrea Tran

Allan Marriott
                             Kate Harbour
                             Rob Rackstraw
                             Keith Wickham
                             Martin Hyder

      additional "Lucky Leo" pilot credits

Paul Daley, Christian Chessell,
                             Dennis Sisterson
      prod man:
         David Eldon
              Fred Ziecker
      sound des:
        Alex Boyesen
      CelAction 2D
           Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz

                             Stephen Fry (Lucky Leo)


      On the web

The Secret Show

      A BAFTA-winning promo site designed by the folks at Complete
      Control. Zap the bunnies and open the first level of its oh-so
      secret delights....

Collingwood O'Hare

      The official studio site for all the info on the creators...

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