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                                               Sept 2000


    He's a two-time Oscar-winner, he's smirked and loved his way through
    women as 'Alfie', sought violent  revenge as Harry Palmer, become
    an Afghan King with his best friend 'Peachy', and fought to the last
    man at the massacre of Rorke's Drift. But now, Sir Michael Caine
    has taken on his toughest role. He's recently recorded the voice for
    that most fabled of villains, the Hare from the tale of  'The Tortoise And
    The Hare'.

    Yep, Mr Caine's taking his turn as a character voice in the next
    Aardman/Dreamworks feature, currently in production down in Bristol.
    This one's being helmed by Richard Goleszowski of 'Rex The Runt' fame,
    and I have to say I'm salivating like crazy over the potential. I mean,
    Aardman does Aesop? It could be fabulous. All the different schemes
    that could be employed for those characters to get the upper hand.
    Sounds like a winner to me...

    Keep up with all the production news as it breaks at:


    Yes indeedy, Allan Plenderleith - the man who brought you the 'oddest'
    family of greetings cards and gifts out there - has a new toon premiering
    as part of Channel 4's animation week this Friday (Sept 23rd).

    'Chat The Celebrity Cat' is a chat show host for the pets of the rich and
    famous hosted by a cat called Chat. Guests on the pilot show include
    Delia Smith's Goat and Britney Spear's Teddy Bear. Apparently, they
    reveal some shocking truths about their mistresses...

    One to view or a load of pooh? -Take a look Friday Night And when
    you're done, why not check out his fab 'Odd Squad' website for loads
    of jobby, fart and booby fun:



    Great news! - Noddy's back - Again

    Apparently, our blue-capped friend is set to return in an all-new,
    all-computer-generated tv show. Hurrah, and all that. I must say, I
    think the last CosgroveHall animated version was a triumph - beautifully
    animated, charmingly adapted. How can they better it? I'm intrigued.
    The official Enid Blyton site has a press release and news section for
    all the latest info:



     Well, maybe they are. I mean, thirty years on and they're a hit once

     The show's look great, all digitally-enhanced. The DVD's are superb.
     But the toys and models - well now, that's the reason for my headline:
     See, the miniature collectible Thunderbirds machines feature various
     fine voice samples. So too do the terrific doll-sized version of Scott,
     Alan and Virgil. But whereas the miniatures feature the real character
     voices, those there dolls seem to have - gasp - different voices on them!

     Is it a contractual thing? - likeness of actors and such - or just a
     plain technical fault: something in the build of the dolls? Or am I
     just aurally-challenged? I've tried several different dolls and they
     just don't sound right. If it's my mistake then - hell's bells - the
     licensing firms can tie me to a tree and syringe me till dawn. And I'll
     make sure I apologize on this here page...

     But what do you think? - Go check 'em out for yourself.
     And when you're done visit: - the official site - from whence
     came that fab pic of Alan Tracy...



     Okay, okay, so news is slow this month. But - hey - a bit of
     self-promotion never hurt anyone. See, Toonhound made it into
     this month's edition of 'Internet Monthly', listed 4th in their Top10
     guide to film/TV sites on the web.

     So fair enough, other sites have had far bigger and better excursions
     into the media, but it's a start right? - Hey, I've only been going 5
     months. A bit of appreciation now and again does wonders, I tell you...

     'Internet Monthly' hot link to me on their cover CD and web site too.
     Here's their URL:



     Borag tharg! (or whatever it is) - Ian at 'SuasageNet' has stepped
     boldly into the melee of '2000ad' cybersites with a scheme to create
     a huge downloadable ap. on the comic, featuring covers, characters
     stories, artists, etc. Yes, yes, there are lots of '2000ad' sites out there,
     but he's got big plans, and he'd appreciate any help you might want
     to give him...

     Check out:

     Also, there's some good news for nostalgia fans. 'Claire's Cartoons
     Of The Eighties'
looks set to return in full, very soon. You're probably
     aware that many of  Claire Hamilton's pages were lost in the course
     of a conflict with her Geocities hosts. Let's hope that's all resolved
     now, eh?

     Here's the homepage URL:

      Still looking for the sunny delights of  'Cockleshell Bay'
      And what about that other CosgroveHall gem 'Creepy Crawlies'?
      - Till next time!



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