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British TV series

       The Shoe People - Trampy

  Shoe People
   producers: James Driscoll
   animation: cel animation

     episodes: 26 x 5mins

   "Every time you're skipping down the street,
    Think about the shoes upon your feet..."

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    Shoe Town is a magic world hidden at the back of an old Shoe Repair Shop.
    It's where PC Boot, Margot, Wellington, Trampy, Baby Bootee, Sgt Major,
    Charlie, Flip Flop and others dwell - old shoes discarded by their owners but
    hoarded by the shoe mender who can't bear to part with them. Shoe Town is
    a bright busy place where each smiling shoe has his or her own home.
    Sgt Major lives at Drill Hall, Margot at Swan Lake Cottage, Charlie at Little
    Big Top, Trampy has Tumbledown House and PC Boot dwells at Shoe Street
    Police Station...

    Shoe Town adventures are usually gentle affairs concerning missing shoe
    folk, gathering up jumble for the Jumble Sale or preparing for fun at the fair.
    But all of the Shoe Town residents keep their eyes open for Sneaker, a thieving 
    training shoe with a burglar's mask, black beret and swag bag (Boo! - Hiss!).

    "The Shoe People" series was created by James Driscoll who went on to bring us
    "Digswell the Space Dog".. Assisting in the development of the characters was
    the multitalented Rob Lee. He was the co-creator of Fireman Sam, he originated
    Joshua Jones and he's worked on SuperTed.

    Trivia Hounds will also spy the name of Moody Blues legend Justin Hayward
    on the music credit and indeed, will hear him singing the theme tune he wrote
    for the series. Narrator Philip Whitchurch is a popular character actor with
    tv credits including "Sharpe's Rifles", "The Bill", "Monarch of the Glen" and most
    recognisably, the sitcom "My Hero" in which he played the ever-so-slightly-barking
    character of Tyler.

     Shoe People Book from Storm Publishing  Shoe People - Sgt Major

    A number of Shoe People tie-in books and annuals were published in the
    1980s including a quartet of Mini World picture books and a series of Rob Lee
    illustrated storybooks from Storm Publishing - these latter titles even featured
    details of a Shoe People Children's Club with a club certificate, badge and poster...
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     Here are all the shoes of Shoe Town, and their regular haunts...

PC Boot / Shoe Town Police Station
    Charlie / Little Big Top
    Trampy / Tumbledown House
    Sgt Major / Drill Hall
    Margot / Swan Lake Cottage
    Baby Bootee / Swan Lake Cottage
    Wellington / Puddle Villa
    Guilder Van Der Clog / Shoe Town Windmill
Mr Potter / Shoe Town Railway Station
    Sneaker / Everywhere!
    Flip Flop / The seaside
    Sid Slipper / Shoe Town Park   

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     Shoe People episodes

    Can You Keep a Secret?      
The Fair Comes to Shoetown
    Sergeant Major                    
Delay at Shoetown Railway Station
    A Day at the Seaside            
The Windmill Has Stopped
    Trampy's Birthday Surprise     
A Job for Wellington
                               Margot's Mirror
                               The Missing Jumble
    A Rainy Day Problem             
The Paper Chase
    Tea at the Little Big Top
        Where's Baby Bootee?
    Fun and Games in the Park     
Trampy Mows the Lawn
    Charlie's Car
                        The Great Sledge Race
    PC Boot to the Rescue          
The Mystery Tour
    Trampy's Dream                    
Our Very Own Circus

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     Shoe People on DVD

     UK DVD
The Shoe People: Complete series
                Region 2 / all 26 episodes / Revelation Films / August 2004

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     The Shoe People created by James Driscoll
     a Fairwater Films production for The Shoe People Ltd

     writer:               James Driscoll
     director:               Clennell Rawson
  Tony Barnes
      prod associate:   
Malcolm Jones
      exec prod:         
  James Driscoll
      character des:
    Rob Lee
Bright Music / Justin Hayward
  Gary Hurst
      asst anim:          
  Chris Webster
  Duncan Harris
  Ted Pettengell
  Jocelyn Smith
                              Rod Knipping
      pain & trace
 Jacqui Miller
      trace & paint:     
 Jude Griffin, Ceri Griffin,
                              Lorna Phillips, Jenny Thomissen
      rostrum cam:      
 Peter Petronio
  Rob Francis
      sound & dubb:
    Eco Limited
     narrator:            Philip Whitchurch

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© James Driscoll / F2011