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British TV series

      Skip & Fuffy talking rhubarb!

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Skip and Fuffy   (1977)
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    producers: Gordon Murray for the BBC
stop-motion animation
      episodes: 5 min episodes

    Now here's a rare gem. Skip and Fuffy were created by Gordon Murray, who
     had previously brought us the delights of "Rubovia" and the three series based
     in the mythical county of Trumptonshire. The "Skip and Fuffy" films were featured
     on the BBC's "Multi-Coloured Swap Shop" back in 1977-1978. With the help of
     Murray's narration the youngsters would take it in turns to play word games, and
     tricks with language incorporating nouns into limericks and couplets which, when
     pronounced phonetically could be mistaken for something else.


     Well, let's take a look at young Skip there. He's holding a soup tin and
     wants us to "Catch this one!" Catch what, exactly? - Why, the hidden word
     CANADA in the limerick he now recites:

      Skip offers up a CANADA best soup (groan)...
I'm going on a picnic treat
With others on our troop.
I've got the bread and cheese
and here's a CANADA
best soup...

     Then we had this kind of exchange concerning rhubarb:
 We've just spent a day at the local gymkhana,
               With barrow and bucket and spade.
               We've worked very hard and we've cleaned up the litter,
               That hundreds of horses have made.
FUFFY: But what shall we do with the fruits of our labour?
               The odour is hardly divine!
    SKIP:    We're going to spread it all over the rhubarb.
    FUFFY: I'd rather have custard on mine!

     Okay, so it wasn't rocket science, but it was certainly an interesting addition
     to the Murray CV, and served as a stepping stone on to the Gublins films
     which featured further linguistic trickery...


     The 1st Swap Shop book

    "The First Multi-Coloured Swap Shop Book"

     Our playful twosome get their very own page in the first "Multi-Coloured
     Swap Shop Book" published by the BBC in 1978. The page is sub-titled:
     "Genoa - Batter - Won?" and it includes the two ditties detailed earlier
     on this page, alongside ones for BULLETIN, AVENUE and AMAZON.
     Oddly, no credit is given to the characters or those verses...

     Skip and Fuffy Jigsaws

    "Skip and Fuffy" puzzle no.2

     In 1978, Falcon produced at least two "Skip and Fuffy" jigsaw puzzles.
     to tie-in with the characters' "Swap Shop" appearances. The one
     above is Puzzle No.2, consisting of thirty chunky pieces...


     Skip and Fuffy created by Gordon Murray
     with music by Freddie Phillips


      On the web

      Trumptonshire Web
      The Trumptonshire Web. The search engines favourite for Gordon
      Murray and Trumpton, it also features additional info and links for Rubovia
      and The Gublins. But alas, no Skip and Fuffy as yet...

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