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British TV series

       "Snip & Snap" from Halas & Batchelor and ABC Television

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Snip and Snap 
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producers: Halas & Batchelor
                     for ABC Television
   animation: stop-motion animation     
26 x 6mins

    "Snip the magic scissors that go snip, snip, snip..."

    This pioneering stop-motion series from Halas & Batchelor stars a "magic"
    pair of scissors called Snip, and an eager origami puppy dog called Snap.
    Snip can bring things to life by cutting round them. He even has a hand in
    Snap's creation, as we witness the pup's assembly during the opening credits.
    Snap then heads off to explore a sublime blend of household and papercaft
    landscapes, encountering a host of card characters and animated everyday
    objects who confound and amuse him. Snip's never too far away, mind,
    so he's ready to cut in and save the day with some more papercraft 
    magic, when required...

    Oh, hang on. Did we attach a gender to Snip in that previous paragraph?
    The series doesn't define those scissors as being male or female!

    Gender specifics aside, this is a brilliantly simple premise for a series and
    it spotlights some super papercraft, courtesy of the Danish origami and
    kirigami master, Thoki Yenn. We meet Thoki in that opening sequence,
    wielding Snip and creating his puppy pal for real. John Halas first met
    Thoki - or "Thok" - whilst visiting Copenhagen for a lecture. Thok was
    attempting to animate some of his paper sculptures in a series of short
    film strips, so John Halas invited him to London to develop the project
    and in time, Snip and Snap came to life.

    Snip, Snap, Snarl and Sniff

    There's Snip and there's Snap, but we mustn't forget there are two more
    card canines in the series, in the form of Snarl and Sniff. Snarl is an
    overbearing bulldog, whilst Sniff is a super-competitive pooch. Sniff
    and Snap's feud in the episode "Top Dog" was good enough to earn
    them First Prize at the Venice Film Festival.

    Snipping Free

    Notice the name of Elisabeth Beresford on the series credits, several years
    before she found acclaim via the Wombles.

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    1960 Venice Film Festival - First prize for "Top Dogs" episode
    1961 Venice Film Festival award for "Ice Cake Island"
    1961 Vancouver festival award for "Ice Cake Island"

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     episode titles

    Treasure of Ice Cake Island

    Spring Song
    Snapís Rocket

    Snakes and Ladders

    In the Jungle
    Lone World Sail

    Thin Ice
    Magic Book

    Circus Star 

Snap and the Beanstalk
Goodwill to all Dogs
In the Cellar
The Grand Concert
The Beggar's Uproar
The Birthday Cake
Snap Goes East
The Hungry Dog
Top Dogs

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      ABC presents
      a Halas & Batchelor Paper-dog film

     directors:       John Halas, Thoki Yenn (Thok)
     producer:       John Halas
     music:            Matyas Seiber, Jack King
     story:            John Halas, Elisabeth Beresford and Roger Manvell
     design:          Thok
     animation:     Thok, Vic Hodges and Johnny Morris
     editor:           Jack King
     sound & fx:    Jack King

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