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British TV series

   Molly, Scruffy and Dylan are "Star Hill ponies" from Mike Young Productions/Bumper Films

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Star Hill Ponies  (1998)
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 producers: Mike Young Productions /
                      Bumper Films for S4C, BBC,
                      & BBC Worldwide
    animation: stop-motion animation

      episodes: 26 x 10mins

"They're always there when you need friends,
     They know just what to do..."


    You can never be lonely when the Star Hill Ponies are around, apparently.
    But then, it would be awfully hard to ignore three great big horses nuzzling into
    your day. The ponies in question here are Molly and Dylan, two roaming
    Welsh Mountain ponies, and their Shetland pony pal Scruffy. These three
    equine buddies like to hang around Star Hill Farm, a rather lovely little
    steading, close to the sea, whose current tenants are the Watkins family.
    That's Will and Kath Watkins and their young daughter Baz (Beatrice Anastasia
    Zenobia Watkins). Baz and her horsey friends are forever getting up
    mischief and merriment around the farm, and all-too often, their adventures
    take them to the mansion house and grounds of their landowner, Mrs
    Horace Morris. She's a rather haughty creature, who's forever thinking ill
    of the ponies. But her handyman Jim, and half-daft Ambrose Higgins know
    better, and they're always willing and able to help Baz, Molly, Dolly and
    Scruffy out of trouble...

» These puppets and set designs should be instantly familiar to fans
        of Joshua Jones and the original Fireman Sam series, because this
        is a Bumper Films co-production, with Mike Young Productions...


Baz and Dylan in "Star Hill Ponies" from Mike Young productions/Bumper Films

    know your ponies

    Dylan is the big brown
Welsh Mountain pony, with a black mane.
     Molly is the dapple grey Mountain pony, with a grey mane.
     Scruffy is the podgy brown Shetland, with a long straw-coloured mane.

     Series One
                  Series Two
    Scruffy Helps Out           Just Desserts   
    Art For Scruffy's Sake     Apple Pie         
    The Outing                    Hide'n'Seek   
    Birthday Tea                  Nothing to be Afraid of  Mrs
    Circus Tricks                  HM's Parade    
    Scruffy Pays the Price     Tall Tales 
    High Tea High-Jinks         The Mystery of Missing Ethel
    Nicked Knickers              A Fine Mess
    Dylan for the Cup           Scarepony Scarecrow  
    Kidnapped                     Thomas Riding High  
    Surfin' Sea Horse            The Unlucky Horseshoe
    Lost                             The Way Home
    Bugged                         All I Want for Christmas


     Mike Young Productions/Bumper Films
     for S4C, BBC, and BBC Worldwide

    original concept
    & characters:         Maria Jones

    developed by:        Mike Young, Liz Young

    exec producers:     Meirion Davies,
                                Theresa Plummer-Andrews
    producer:               Liz Young
    assoc producer:     Ian Frampton
    director:                John Walker
    writers:                 Maria Jones, Pamela Hickey,
                                Dennys McCoy
    model makers:      John Adams, Jamie Denham,
                                Steven Elford, Maria Hopkinson,
                                Lesley Osborne, Audrey Volks
    puppet makers:     Louise Bains, Karen Betty,
                                Geraldine Corrigan, 
                                Rowena Damant Kidd,
                                Eric Dawe, Stephen Dee,
                                Natalie Eldred, Alison Hall,
                                Darren Longthorne, Hayden Secker,
                                Jason Theaker, Sarah Turner
    animator:              Brian Anderson
    animators:            Jamie Denham, Roger Jones,
                                Annette Sotheran
    music & lyrics:       Kick Production
    singer:                  Johnny Griggs
    puppet designer:    Ian Frampton
    prod designer:       Bev Knowlden
          Craig Higgins
    editbox:                 Tony Mabey
    post production:     Pyramid
    editor:                   Will Oswald
    dubbing editor:       Nigel Humphreys
    dubbing mixers:     Tim Ricketts, Peter Smith
    voices:                  Josie Lawrence
                                 Andrew Sachs


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characters © Maria Jones / series © Mike Young Prods / Bumper Films  / F2009