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British TV series

     Steady Eddie

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   Steady Eddie
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   producers: Full Monty Productions
                     for Contender Entertainment
2D animation
     episodes: 10 x 12mins


    "No problem!"

    Not so much a television series, this is really an ongoing promotion for the
    famous haulage company Eddie Stobart Ltd. Steady Eddie is a chipper truck,
    dressed in Stobart green livery and ever-eager to a haul and collect, whatever
    the weather or hurdle. Nothing's a problem for Steady Eddie!

    Eddie's haulage friends include Loretta the Welsh lorry and keen Freddie Forklift
    who fills them up for each delivery. Oliver Overdrive is always prowling around
    too. He's a big red rig whose ego always comes unstuck. Pals on the road
    include Jock the Scottish tartan tanker and a busy Brummie train. Each tale
    is accompanied by Eddie's "No Problem" song, plus one or two more
    singalong tunes. Eddie gets mucky, he makes night deliveries, encounters
    new friends and even meets the Queen...
    These promotional films have the flimsiest of production values. They've been
    animated in an animatic style, out of an edit suite. But as any two year old
    will tell you (or at least gurgle), Eddy has his own certain appeal. He's a big
    green truck with a big smiling face. It doesn't matter if it's Bob the Builder,
    Budgie the helicopter, Thomas, or those Tugs, a big smiley face on a friendly
    vehicle works every time. And as it happens, Steady Eddie's stories trundle
    along quite painlessly.
    Eddie's parent company have become something of a haulage institution, here
    in the UK. Stobart trucks abound on the M6 around the Lake District. And in the
    heart of Carlisle, there's even a Stobart shop, so that die-hard fans can acquire
    a swathe of green-liveried memorabillia to keep them smiling. Eddie is thus
    the perfect promotional accessory.

    Eddie's stories have yet to appear on tv. Instead, Contender have packaged
    up the show in a series of DVDs and videos. Each feature two stories, together
    with a short toon about Road Safety, and live-action footage of those Stobart
    trucks in action. A preschooler will soon merge Eddie's face on to those real-life
    trucks so that no end of motorway amusement will be had as they spot
    him rumbling alongside the family car....


Steady Eddie episodes

     Stuck in the Mud
     Special Delivery
     Top of the Class
     The Parade
     Edward the Very Old Truck
     The Best Lorry in Town
     Eddie to the Rescue
     Day Trip to Paris
     Eddie Joins the Circus
     Mini Trouble


Steady Eddie on DVD

     UK DVD

     Steady Eddie - Vol. 1
     Region 2 / 2 eps / Contender / April 2004

     Steady Eddie - Vol. 2
     Region 2 / 2 eps / Contender / April 2004

     Steady Eddie - Vols. 1-3
     Region 2 box-set / 3 discs / Contender / Sept 2004

     Steady Eddie - Vol. 5
     Region 2 / 2 eps / Contender / August 2003


      Neil Ben
               Matthew Rose
     steady eddie
             Stuart McCrone
     road safety
              Ginny Skinner
     additional design:    Sharon Waxkirsh
             Gavin Howard
     anim processing:     Hayden Webb, Kasia Howard, Neil Livesey
     music:                     Anthony England
     sound recording:      Alan Whetton
     location camera:      Bernie Totten
     location sound:        Julian Boden
     offline edit:              Gavin Naylor, Katajyna Los
     online edit:              Ben Lee-Delisle
     sound dubbing:        Stewart Harper
     for eddie stobart:     Debbie Rogers, Rachel Stevenson,
                                   Norman Head
     prod runner:            Demelza Osborne
     narrator:                 Paul Grunert


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