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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
     George feels all 'cobbly-wobbly-fied'...

   The Story Store

   producers: Yesterland / TVC for Carlton UK
   animation: stop-motion animation

     1996 / 13 x 10mins      MAGIC AND MOONLIGHT
                                         2001 / 1 x 24mins

    "The Story Store... The Story Store...
     Stories, surprises and secrets galore...."

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    The Story Store is a magical shop run by a doggy fellow called George, with
    the able assistance of his hedgehog-like friend Pip. It's an extraordinary
    curiosity shoppe selling everything from Vanishing Cream to Sausage Trees,
    Speed-o Powder to Move-o devices, Helping Hands, Musical Sweets and Huff Cure
    and where amazing things are always happening to George, Pip, and their good
    friends and vistors like Bert the handyman terrier, Granny Clump the elephant and
    her grandson Sammy, Angus Puggle the miserly monkey, Miss Grace Bygone
    the genteel maiden cat, and Victoria Pumpkin the clumsy hippo. George is
    prone to feeling a little 'cobbly-wobbly-fied' on occasion, especially when the
    Magic Inspector is due to pay a visit. Invariably, though, cobbles will be
    unwobbled, muddles unmuddled, and messes unmessed just in time for tea
    and cakes - made with Raise-o flour, of course...

      Angus Puggle    Bert

   My, what a quality package from a pedigree crew. The Story Store puppets
   are beautifully realised and they're animated on sets which are stocked and
   stacked with miniature appliances, devices, utensils and boxes of 'umbrage'
   - all featuring individual, detailed Story Store labels. The series is narrated by
   Alan Bennett and if you squint your eyes up tight The Hound reckons
   you can see hints of the Bennet persona in George, Bert and even
   Angus. Mackinnon & Saunders produced the Story Store puppets. Martin
   Pullen who can list so many FilmFair credits, was director of animation here,
   and so was Chris Taylor who has also brought us Lavender Castle. Amongst
   the team of animators was Chris Collings who has gone on to direct the
   animation on Cosgrove Hall's Bill and Ben. And shepherding the production
   is none other than John Coates, an animation legend in his own lifetime.

   In 2001 we were treated to a Story Store half-hour special called "Magic and
   Moonlight", in which George and friends were joined by a magical Music Box
   and a well-meaning Monster. That vocal chameleon Rory Bremner takes over
   voicing duties for this festive film...

   Stories galore

   The Story Store is just one magical place in the equally-magical realm of
   Storyland. Not too far away, just over the hills is "The Magic House" where
   Teapot, Kettle, Pot, Wishing Well and a host of inanimate creations are
   magically alive and ready for adventures. Indeed, 55 x 10min episodes
   of "The Magic House" have thus far been produced. Storyland Limited
   have plans to expand the realm dramatically, intergrating new television
   series, books and creative media in to one fun-tastic fantasy land...

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   Story Store episodes

   Story Store logo

Who's Minding the Store?    The Light Fantastic
Special Delivery                 The Night and the Music
Granny's Second Childhood   Double Trouble
Helping Hands                    Fits and Starts
A Quiet Day                      The Better Half
Where's Pip?                     You Must Remember This
The Flying Granny

+ Magic and Moonlight Christmas Special

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     series written and created by Joe Austen

     producer:              Joe Austen
     exec producers:    John Coates, Michael Forte
     director:               Joe Austen
     music:                  Colin Towns
      of animation:
         Chris Taylor, Martin Pullen
     animators:            Monica McCartney, Andrea Lord,
                                Tim Collings, Andy Joule, Andrew Davies,
                                Walter McCrorie
     lighting camera:    Catherine Warburton, Sam James
     camera asst:        Beth McDonald
     sets:                    Keith Robson
     puppets:              Mackinnon & Saunders
       Patricia Brennen
     costumes:            Geraldine Corrigan, Clare Elliott,
                                Rita McVinnie, Maggie Haden
     model makers:     Owen Ballhatchet, Dan Sharp
     additional props:   Jeff Spain, Richard Sykes
     graphics asst:       Lynn Gudgeon
     prod admin:          Pia Walker, Norman Kauffman
     prod manager:      Muriel Macleod
     prod assistant:     Neda Sharifi
     dubbing mixer:     John Wood
     sound & picture
     post production:   Nibs Senior, Leo Casserly
     narrator:             Alan Bennett

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      On the web

      Step right up for the Storyland portfolio - that's "The Story Store",
      "The Magic House" and the rest...

      Mackinnon & Saunders
      They made the puppets for the series...

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