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Toonhound presents...




British TV series
     Stressed Eric

   Stressed Eric   

   producers: Klasky Csupo / Absolutely for the BBC
   animation: 2D animation

                            SERIES ONE
                            1998 / 6 x 30min

                            SERIES TWO
                            2000 / 7 x 30mins

   "Please don't let it be morning...."
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    Poor Eric Feeble. This put-upon fellow lives in London in a suburban semi. He's
    40 years old , divorced,  with two kids and a rather hefty mortgage hanging over
    him. His job prospects are dim; he's recently been demoted. His wife has left
    him for a Buddhist. His son Brian is dimmer than a low-watt light bulb. His daughter
    Claire is seemingly allergic to life. And, heck, everyone else seems to be having a
    wonderfully successful life, whilst his keeps getting more and more stressful...

    "Stressed Eric" was the BBC's very first primetime animated series commission.
    Created by Carl Gorham, this was also the first animated offering from Absolutely
    Productions.'Each episode takes a microscope to Eric's pressured life, and
    watches as he gets himself worked in to a frenzy of stress and desperation.
    Eric strives to juggle the needs of his kids with those of his ex-wife, friends, work,
    sexual fulfillment, financial stability and personal ambition, but keeping all the balls
    in the air proves nigh-on impossible for him. By the end of each half-hour something
    has got to give - and it does, literally. Eric's stressed-out temple springs out and
    strangles him. Oh dear. Maybe next time he'll cope better...?

    Absolutely's production partner on Eric was none other than Klasky-Csupo,
    the producers of smash hit series like "Rugrats", "Aaagh! Real Monsters" and
    later, "The Wild Thornberrys". For the US broadcast, Hank Azaria of "Simpsons"
    fame stepped in as producer and he re-voiced Eric for the show.

    Have you noticed how Eric's better-than-best neighbour Ray Perfect looks
    remarkably like Nigel Thornberry of those "Wild Thornberrys"...?

    Absolutely have recently returned to animated waters with the children's series
    Meg and Mog, a production that's a whole witching world away from Eric's
    London home...

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     2001 PACT Award - Best Animated TV Series
     1998 British Animation Awards - Best Scenario
     1998 British Animation Awards -  Best Intl Co-production

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broadcast info

     The series premiered on BBC2, 20th April 1998 at 9:00pm...

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    Stressed Eric episodes

    Series One        Series Two
    Nativity             Cricket
    Sex                   Bursting
    Pony                 Team
    Hospital             Tent
    Potato               Crush
    Tidy                  Au-pair

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Steessed Eric on DVD

     UK DVD
The Complete Stressed Eric Collection
                Region 2 / three discs / 2Entertain / May 2011

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     Klasky Csupo Inc.
     Absolutely Productions for the BBC

    created by Carl Gorham

producer:        Stig Bergqvist
    producers:      Mitch watson, Hank Azaria (US Version)
    exec prods:    Carl Gorham, Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky,
                         Mile Bullough, Claire Jennings
    directors:       Cathy Malkasian, Steve Loter, Steve Ressel,
                         Kim Burden
    writers:          Carl Gorham, Michael Hatt, Gavin Rodgers
    music:            Peter Baikie, Jason McDermid, Mat Clark
    voices:           Mark Heap (Eric)
                         Hank Azaria (Eric - US version)
                         Alexander Armstrong (Ray Perfect)
                         Morwenna Banks (Claire Feeble/Heather Perfect)
                         Doon Mackichan
(Maria Feeble / Alison)
                         Alison Steadman (Mrs Perfect)
                         Gordon Kennedy
                         Carl Gorham
                         Rebecca Front (Liz)
                         Geoff McGovern (Paul Power)
                         Paul Shearer (Doc)

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      On the web

       Stressed Eric
       Absolutely's official site covers all bases stresslessly...

       Absolutely Productions

       The parent site for Eric's producers, detailing all of their productions,
       news, company info, etc..

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© Absolutely / Klasky Csupo / BBC / F2011