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British TV series

    "Sergeant Stripes" from ealing animation / A Works TV

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   Sergeant Stripes
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   producers: Ealing Animation
                     with A Works TV
                     in association with CBBC
2D animation
     episodes: 26 x 10mins

    "He's the itty bitty kitty, protecting the city..."

    Stripes is a cute grey cat who lives in a sleepy provincial police station
    with little Katie and her father, PC Harker. Both they and pretty Sergeant Parker
    think Stripes is merely a miowing moggy, but when this little cat slopes off
    to his bed underneath the stairs for a nap, well, that's when the fun really starts.

    In his dreams, Stripes is transformed into Sergeant Stripes, and the stuffed toys
    who are perched around his understair home are transformed into his workmates
    and colleagues. There's Arabella Giraffe, Fluffy Mouse, and their bossy superior
    Inspector Hector - he's a moth-eaten teddybear. Our kitty's toy car becomes
    the station patrol car, known affectionately as Police Car Andy. And Arabella
    rides an old red trike called Mike the Bike. This hotchpotch of characters solve
    impossible crimes and troublesome troubles around town. Stolen
items are
    recovered, duplicitous thieves unmasked and marauding monsters exposed.
    Oh, yes. No job's too big, no task too troublesome for Sergeant Stripes
    and his pals...
    Folks they assist most ably include the pigs Mr and Mrs Peppermint, who
    run the local sweet shop. Mrs Draper is a fussy vole, with a rather put-upon
    husband. Then there's a snooty fox called Mr Pearson, and the spectacled piglet
    Pip Pig - oh - and a squirrel called Suzie Sycamore. Mr and Mrs Merry are
    hippos who run the local funfair, and greedy Ronnie Rabbit gets his
    comeuppance when he steals some sweeties from Mr Peppermint's

     Fluffy Mouse, Inspector Hector and Arabella from "Sergeant Stripes" - cvopyright Ealing Animation / A Works TV

    This is what you call a "cute" show. Stripes the cat is as cute as a button,
    forever scampering around, yawning and str-e-e-etching his paws. He's even
    shown circling around before he naps down in the old Sergeant's cap which
    he uses as a bed. And once he's asleep, Sergeant Stripes takes over, scurrying
    around town in anthropomorphic form, with his ill-fitting trousers which need
    constant adjustment. Annabella's cute too, especially when we see her
    peddling furiously on her little red trike, trying to keep up with Sergeant
    Stripes' speeding patrol car - Miow! Miow!

     Stripes asleep in "Sergeant Stripes" from Ealing Animation / A Works Tv

» Notice Dave Bonner's name on the credits. He was a real-life policeman
       before the toon world knocked on his door...


Episode titles

    Series One 
    On the Button
    The Key Mystery
    Here Be Dragons
    A Slippery Customer
    The Monkey Mystery
    On Yer Bike!
    The Case of the Missing Coppers
    There's No Such Thing as Monsters
    Treasure Ahoy!
    School's out
    The Bicycle Thieves
    Stripe Gets a Fright
    Seeing Double

    Series Two
Who's Got the Peppermint Creams?
    A Chain's as Good as a Rest
    No Tea for Hector
    Painting Lessons
    Fluffy Mouse Solves the Mystery
    Birthday Burglar
    Invasion of the Giant Vegetables
    Suitcase Swap
    And they Call it Kitty Love
    Game, Set and Match
    Stripes in Charge


Sergeant Stripes on DVD

     UK DVD

     Here are the single disc releases:

     Sergeant Stripes: On The Button
     Region 2 / seven episodes / Delta / Feb 2007

     Sergeant Stripes: There's No Such Thing as Monsters
     Region 2 / seven episodes / Delta / March 2007

     Sergeant Stripes: A Chain's as Good as a Rest
     Region 2 / six episodes / Delta / April 2007

     Sergeant Stripes: Invasion of The Giant Vegetables
     Region 2 / six episodes / Delta / May 2007

     There's also a box set, featuring the first three titles:

     Sergeant Stripes Triple Pack Box Set
     Includes "On the Button", "There's No Such Thing as Monsters"
     and "A Chain's as Good as a Rest"...


      an Ealing Animation with A Works TV production
      in association with CBBC

      from an idea created by Dave Bonner

      exec producers:          
Theresa Plummer-Andrews
                                     Adrian Ross

      associate producer:
  Anastasia St Raphael
                 Richard Randolph
      animation producer:
  Blue-Toe Productions
      assistant producer:
   Jilly Joseph
                   Nikolay Moustakov
                    Jimmy Hibbert, Di Redmond
                     Ealing Animation
      assistant director:
     David Lewis
      recording studio:
       Crocodile Studios
             Blue-Toe Productions,
                                     Christian de Vita, David Elvin
      background design:
   David Brylewski
      original character
                     Nikolay Moustakov, Matt Plant
                Trevor Ricketts, Rachel Feasey
      editing and effects:
   David Brylewski
      on line edit:
              Oasis Television
                     Kick Productions
      sound effects & dub:
 PK Studios
                    Sophie Aldred
                                    Jimmy Hibbert
                                    Eve Karpf


      On the web

      Sergeant Stripes

      The official site...

      VGI Entertainment

      The series' distributors...

      Ealing Animation
      And here's ther producers' site...

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