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Toonhound presents...






Toon Makers

    British animation and puppet studios and

    producers of the past and present...

Each indexing includes official site links (where applicable),
    a brief intro/description and links to relevant Toonhound pages


       A&B TV

       In 2005, A&B employed Monster Animation in Ireland to produce
       their updated version of a wobbling tea-time favourite...

        Roobarb and Custard Too


A Productions

       Established in 1985 by Nigel Davies and Mark Taylor, A Productions'
       tvtoon credits include Rubbish King of the Jumble, BB3B, Boo!
       Frankenstein's Cat and most recently, Driver Dan's Story Train...

        Frankenstein's Cat
        Rubbish, King of the Jumble


Aaargh! Animation

       Based in Wales, Aaargh!'s Deiniol Morris and Mike Mort brought us
       those prehistoric Gogs!, Aunt Tiger and ad campaigns for Levi'501's,
       ReadyBrek and more...



Aardman Animation

       Bristol based studio, famous for their groundbreaking and Acadeny
       Award winning claymation films with popular characters like Wallace and
       Gromit, Morph, Rex the Runt and the Creature Comforts animals. Key
       personnel include Nick Park, Peter Lord, David Sproxton, and director
       Richard Goleszowski. Shaun the Sheep is currently chewing up the
       tv scenery, and a brand-new Wallace & Gromit half-hour is in production
       for the BBC...

        Chicken Run            Morph
        A Close Shave         Rex the Runt
  A Grand Day Out     Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

        Toon Gods: Nick Park


        Absolutely Productions

        Founded in 1988 by a group of writers, performers and producers, Absolutely
        are a comedy-driven production company who first dipped into animated
        waters with Stressed Eric in 1998. 2003 saw the premiere of their children's
        series Meg and Mog, adapted from the popular picture books by Helen
        Nicol and Jan Pienkowski...
       Meg and Mog          The Hound talks to Roger Mainwood     
        Stressed Eric


       Anderson Burr

       Gerry Anderson returned to production in the 1980s alongside Christopher
       Burr. Together they brought us adventures with Tiger Ninestein and those
       Terrahawks in 1984, and Dick Spanner in 1986...



       Anderson Entertainment Ltd

       Gerry Anderson's most recent venture, utilised in the production of
       the all-new CGI Captain Scarlet series...

        Captain Scarlet (CGI)


mated Adventures & Pictures Ltd

       As run by Jim Quick, Animated Adventures have recently brought
       us the top-rated BBC show The Likeaballs...

        The Likeaballs


AP Films
(Associated Puppets)

       Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's original production partnership, through which
       they brought us The Adventures of Twizzle and the first series of
       Torchy, The Battery Boy for Roberta Leigh before going it alone with
       Four Feather Falls. What followed next was tv puppet heaven: SuperCar,
       Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, the first spin-off movie Thunderbirds
       Are Go, and indestructable Captain Scarlet....

 Captain Scarlet        Supercar
        Fireball XL5             Thunderbirds
        Stingray                  Thunderbirds Are Go


Astley Baker Davies

       Neville Astley and Mark Baker have brought us those indominatable and
       enthusiastic Big Knights as well as short films like Jolly Roger. They
       now work with producer Phil Davies, and are currently bringing us the
       award-winning delights of Peppa Pig...

 The Big Knights        The Hound talks to Astley Baker Davies
 Peppa Pig


Banjax Digital Animation

       Based in Belfast, Banjax's creative team includes Richard Morrs and Alistair
       McIlwain of Tiny Planets fame. Under Darryl Collins stewardship, they will
       soon be steering Luke the Lifeboat on to our screens...


Bevanfield Films

       In the 1980's director Timothy Forder and producer Mary Swindale brought
       us the intriguing delights of Murun Buchstansangur and Bill the Minder.
       The antics of Dennis Muir's What-a-Mess followed, together with a series
       of fairy tale video specials...

       Bill the Minder                 • What-a-Mess
        Murun Buchstansangur


       Blue Fish Cartoons

       Launched in 2003 by Richard Ollive and Gary Knowelden, Blue Fish
       have so far brought a jolly bunch of snails to life, and a talking mule!
        Muffin the Mule
        Snailsbury Tales


       Bob Godfrey's Movie Emporium

       Bob Godfrey's wobbling wonders of Tea-Time TV include Roobarb, Henry's
       Cat and Noah & Nelly. His short films are numerous and have been amply
       rewarded over the years - amongst them are Henry Nine Til Five, Dream Doll,
       Karma Sutra Rides Again and the Academy Award winning Great...

        Great                Noah and Nelly in SkylArk
        Henry's Cat       Roobarb

        Toon Gods: Bob Godfrey


       Dave Borthwick and Nick Upton introduced us to the extraordinary pixellated
       world of Tom Thumb before moving on to The Magic Roundabout....

        The Magic Roundabout
        The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb


       The Brothers McLeod

       Greg and Myles McLeod have recently brought Pedro and Frankensheep
       to life for the BBC...

        Pedro and Frankensheep


       Bumper Films

       John Walker and Ian Frampton's stop-motion team animated Joshua
       Jones, Rocky Hollow and - most notably - Fireman Sam's orginal

        Fireman Sam                               Rocky Hollow
        Fireman Sam: Snow Business    • Star Hill Ponies
        Joshua Jones



       Founded by the former management of Siriol Productions (SuperTed,
       Hilltop Hospital), Cardiff-based Calon bounced those Bobinogs onto
       CBBC, amd they've recently called up Hana's Helpline with great
       success too...

       Hana's Helpline


       Cartwn Cymru

       Welsh animation studio, who credits range from familiar children's
       series like Toucan 'Tecs to the sophisticated co-produced feature films
       Miracle Maker and Otherworld. The team has worked regularly with
       Moscow-based Christmas Films...

        Faeries               Otherworld
       Funnybones      • Toucan 'Tecs
       Miracle Maker


       Century 21 TV

       Continuing from where he left off with AP Films, Gerry Anderson brought
       us Thunderbird 6, Joe 90 and The Secret Service under the
       Century 21 banner...
        Joe 90                        Thunderbird 6
        The Secret Service


       CMTB Animation

       In the 1980's Charles Mills and Terry Brain gave their initials to this small
       firm who, together with animator Steve Box, took a peek under The Trapdoor
       and told us to Stoppit and Tidyup. Brain and Box have since gone on to work
       for Aardman, with the latter recently co-directing the magnificent Wallace and
       Gromit feature, Curse of the Were-Rabbit...

        Bump                    • The Trapdoor
        Stoppit and Tidyup



       COG is short for the Consortium of Gentleman, though both men and
       women are present in the team who brought us the nautical nonsense
       of Yoho Ahoy...

        Yoho Ahoy 


       Cole, Michael and Joanne

       Husband and wife team who conceived BOD, Fingerbobs and Gran.
       Michael Cole was a prolific producer and writer on his own too, having
       come from BBC tv programmes like Playschool and Ragtime. He wrote
       for FilmFair's Edward and Friends and contributed ideas and stories for
       Pigeon Street, Postman Pat and more. The Coles had a close association
       with producer David Yates...

        BOD              Gran

        The Hound talks to Lo and Alison Cole


Collingwood O'Hare

        The BAFTA-winning duo of Tony Collingwood and Christopher O'Hare have
        produced numerous hit series like Animal Stories , Eddy and the Bear,
        Dennis and Gnasher
and Toonhound fave Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!
        Recently creations Gordon Gnome and The Secret Show have
        continued their award-winning trend...
        Animal Stories                            The King's Beard 
        Captain Zed and the Zee Zone    • Oscar's Orchestra
        Dennis and Gnasher                   Rarg
        Eddy and the Bear                     The Secret Show
       • Gordon the Garden Gnome         Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!

        The Hound talks to Tony Collingwood       


        Cosgrove Hall Films

        The suffix may have changed, but the productions roll on unabated. Cosgrove
        Hall Films began in 1993, emerging from the wreckage of Thames TV's lost
        broadcasting franchise. And they're still going as strong - if not stronger - than
        ever today...
         Andy Pandy                 Lavender Castle
        Avenger Penguins         Little Robots
         Bill and Ben                 Oakie Doke
         Brambly Hedge           • Postman Pat
         Engie Benjy                • Rocky and the Dodos 
         Fifi and the Flowertots   Toon Gods: Cosgrove Hall                         


        Cosgrove Hall Productions

        Founded in 1975 by Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall, and executive producer
        John Hambley, Cosgrove Hall Productions took over from Stop Frame
        Productions. The new companmy was a wholly owned subsidiary of
        Thames TV. They produced umpteen hit series and specials in a
        triumphant 18 year period, before they renamed to Cosgrove Hall Films...

        A Tale of Two Toads                   Grandma Bricks of Swallow St
         Alias the Jester                       Jamie and the Magic Torch
        The BFG                                   Oh! Mr Toad!
         Chorlton and the Iceworld          • On Christmas Eve
         Chorlton and the Wheelies       The Pied Piper of Hamelin
         Cinderella                                  The Reluctant Dragon
         Cockleshell Bay                       • The Talking Parcel
         Count Duckula                           Truckers
         Creepy Crawlies                         Victor and Hugo, Bunglers in Crime
         DangerMouse                            The Wind in the Willows - series
         The Fool of the World...              The Wind in the Willows - feature


        Cosgrove House

        An off-shoot of Cosgrove Hall, created to cover the studio's work on
        various third party creations. The new name first appeared on
        the credits for The Likeaballs...

         The Likeaballs


The Cut-Out Animation Co.

        Cut-Out animate using unique and distinct cardboard cut-out designs.
        Alan Rogers and Peter Lang have been employed on numerous schools
        and education favourites like Rat-A-Tat-Tat, Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Words and
        Pictures and Number Crew and they've brought to life series too, like
        BOD and Pigeon Street for David Yates...

         BOD                          Pigeon Street
        Ludwig (Peter Lang)


        Dandy Productions

        Andy Williams and Dan Berlinka 'swept' straight in to BAFTA-winning
        success with their Toon Disney creation Brush Head....


        Ealing Animation

        Ealing have brought us the numerous delights of El Nombre and Red
        Balloo's Dr Otter as well as BAFTA-winning Old Bear, Monty and those
        Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids....

         Doctor Otter     Old Bear and Friends
         El Nombre        Sergeant Stripes


        Fat City Films

        A busy studio for hire, Jez Hall and his team have brought many
        folks' toons to life over the years. Hopping to the top of the list, however,
        is the evergreen Philbert Frog....

         Philbert Frog 
         Zot the Dog 



        FilmFair's stop-motion series of the 1970s included Paddington, The Herbs,
        and The Wombles. They were produced by Graham Clutterbuck and featured
        the distinct designs of Ivor Wood. In the 1980s the stop-motion work
        continued with Barrie Edwards and Martin Pullen at the fore. Moschops,
        Huxley Pig and Portland Bill inspired a new generation of fans. Occassionally,
        FilmFair have delved into 2D realms with The Perishers, Simon in the Land of
        Chalk Drawings, Legends of Treasure Island and Martin Gates' production of
        The Dreamstone. In 1996 the company passed into the hands of
        Canada's CINAR, before arriving today under the ownership of
        Cookie Jar Entertainment...

         The Adventures of Parsley           The Legends of Treasure Island
         The Adventures of Portland Bill     Moschops
         Astro Farm                                Paddington
        Bangers and Mash                • Paddington Goes to the Movies
         The Blunders                       • Paddington's Birthday Bonanza
         Brown Bear's Wedding              The Perishers
         The Dreamstone                       • Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings
         Edward and Friends                    Upstairs Downstairs Bears
         The Gingerbread Man                The Wombles
         Hattytown Tales                      
         The Herbs                             
Huxley Pig                


        Flicks Films 

        Terry Ward's company has been around for thirty-odd years now. The
        extensive Flicks CV includes credits for Bananaman, The Mr Men,
        The Pondles, Nellie The Elephant, Timbuctoo and more recently, those
        Busy Buses...

         Bananaman                         Nellie the Elephant
         Junglies                       • The Pondles
         Little Misses                  • Timbuctoo
         The Mr Men


, Martin

        Producer/director of The Snow Queen, Jack and the Beanstalk,
        The Ugly Duckling, and the series Bimble's Bucket and Molly's Gang.
        Many toon fans hold a soft-spot for The Dreamstone, the 1990-1995
        series created by Mike Jupp that Gates produced for Film Fair...

         The Dreamstone     • The Snow Queen
         Mole's Christmas    • The Snow Queen's Revenge
         Molly's Gang 


        GB Animation  (Gaumont-British)
        In 1944 American animator David Hand came to England to set up an
        animation studio for J Arthur Rank at Moor Park. 19 films were produced
        by this short-lived venture (9 Animaland cartoons, and 10 Musical Paintbox 
        toons). The films were modelled after the Disney fashion - not surprising,
        given Hand's background working for the Mouse House on "Snow White",
        "Bambi", and many "Silly Symphonies". Comedian Bob Monkhouse actually
        began his career here as a Gag Artist, whilst animator Bob Godfrey was
        rejected by the studio. Characters created here included Ginger Nutt,
        Corny the Crow and Dusty the Mole. Feature film versions of The Hunting
        of the Snark and The First Men in the Moon were planned but never
        made it to the screen. The studio closed in 1950. Today, the rights to
        the toons created there are held by David Hand's son, who has fashioned
        modern versions of them for distribution worldwide...

         Musical Paintbox 


        Grand Slamm Childrens Films

        Ginger Gibbons set up Grand Slamm in 1994. First up was Percy the
        Park Keeper. Kipper, Angelina Ballerina and Sheeep have followed,
        and they've even progressed onto more adult fare via their two
        Bosom Pals films...

         Angelina Ballerina                           Percy: After the Storm 
         Angelina: Princess Dance                Percy: One Snowy Night
Angelina: The Show Must Go On      Percy: The Rescue Party
Kipper                                            Percy: The Secret Path
Percy the Park Keeper


Halas & Batchelor

        For so many years, the studio set up by John Halas and Joy Batchelor
        was Britain's animation industry. They made a huge contribution to the
        War Effort, and almost singelhandedly created the business of commercial
        animation in the UK. This is the team who, in 1955, brought us the UK's
        first full-length animated feature Animal Farm. Later came several of our
        earliest animated series including DoDo, Foo-Foo, and Snip and Snap.
        The list of production credits is huge and the vast scope of work ranges
        from numerous short films and specials to contributions to such US imports
        as "The Osmonds", "The Jacksons", and even "The Jetsons"...

         The Abu films            Habatales
        Animal Farm             Handling Ships  
The Charley films      Ruddigore
        DoDo                       Water for Fire Fighting
        Foo Foo


Hibbert Ralph Animation

        Jimmy Hibbert returned to HRA after Graham Ralph's buy-out
        of Hibbert Ralph Entertainment (see below), and under this banner,
        he has brought us the farm-based fun
of Tractor Tom...


Hibbert Ralph Entertainment

        Jimmy Hibbert and Graham Ralph launched HRE as an off-shoot from
        their hugely successful commercials outfit, Hibbert Ralph Animation (HRA).
        They brought us the joys of Spider, William's Wish Wellingtons,
        The First Snow of Winter
and The Forgotten Toys, before they
         went their separate ways...

The First Snow of Winter
         Second Star to the Left
         William's Wish Wellingtons


Honeycomb Animation

        Simon and Sara Orr have brought us the BAA winning series Grizzly Tales
        for Gruesome Kids, and the tales of Binka the black and white cat.
        Currently the animals of Funky Valley are proving very popular on

        • Binka              • Wolves, Witches and Giants 
Funky Valley     • Tube Mice
Grizzly Tales


HOT Animation

        Instigated to bring Bob the Builder to life, HOT have also animated
        all the tie-in films and specials, four Brambly Hedge films, Rubbadubbers
        and the all-new Pingu...

         Bob the Builder                               
         Bob the Builder: Project: Build It  
         Bob the Builder: Bob's Big Plan
         Bob the Builder: Built to be Wild
 Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember
Bob the Builder: Knights of Can-a-Lot
Bob the Builder: Race to the Finish
Bob the Builder: Scrambler to the Rescue
Bob the Builder: Snowed Under
 Bob the Builder: When Bob Became a Builder
Brambly Hedge: The High Hills
Brambly Hedge: Sea Story
Brambly Hedge: The Secret Staircase


Illuminated Films

        Illuminated's Iain Harvey was executive producer on TVC.s The Snowman
        and Father Christmas. He and Illuminated have brought us the award-winning
        specials War Game, Prince Cinders, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar as
        well as the 2001 feature film Christmas Carol: The Movie. Currently, Little
        Princess is proving to be a big royal hit with viewers...

Christmas Carol: The Movie
Little Princess
War Game


John Cary Studios

        John Cary has been working in the animation industry for more than thirty
        years, animating for Richard Williams, producing with Silverfox/Graham Ralph
        and consulting for the likes of S4C. He has been appointed to numerous
        high-level animation boards and panels. In 1998, working as John Cary
        Studios, he produced The Adventures of Captain Pugwash...

The Adventures of Captain Pugwash


John Ryan Studios

        Author, illustrator and animator John Ryan is famous for the unique
        caption animation techniques employed on his productions of Captain
        Pugwash, Sir Prancelot and Mary, Mungo and Midge. He has also
        presented a series based upon his Ark Stories...

         The Adventures of Sir Prancelot   Captain Pugwash
         Ark Stories                            • Mary Mungo and Midge


King Rollo Films

        Rollo's David McKee is, of course, a hugely successful author and illustrator.
        His distinctive work is on show in Mr Benn and King Rollo - from which the
        studio took its name. They have since brought Tony Ross' Towser to our
        screens, as well as Victor and Maria, and recently we've had the
        BAFTA-winning delights of Maisy, and Wide Eye...

         Anytime Tales       Towser
        King Rollo             Victor and Maria
         Mr Benn             • Wide Eye


Little Entertainment Company

        Keith Littler's company is actually quite big, having brought us the joys
        of Billy, Merlin the Magical Puppy and Little Red Tractor...

Little Red Tractor
Merlin the Magical Puppy


       London Films

       Short-lived animation studio instigated by Alexander Korda in 1934. The studio
       gets a name-check here at Toonhound for the 1936 short The Fox Hunt which
       featured on its crew list none other than the late great Carl Giles. London Films
       still distribute films and series today - like Bevanfield's Bill the Minder and
       Derek Philips' Aubrey...

Toon Gods: Carl Giles


       Lupus Films

       Camilla Deaking and Ruth Fielding set up Lupus in 2002, after a stint
       as the arts and animation commissioning team for Channel 4. The dynamic
       duo put together production teams as required for each of their projects.
       Their first animated special was Little Wolf's Book of Badness, and
       they are soon to unleash a new CG-animated version of Pinky & Perky
       upon an unsuspecting British public...

Little Wolf's Book of Badness


Maddocks Animation

        Cartoonist Peter Maddocks and his team - which includes family members
        Simon and Guy Maddocks - have brought us the delights of The Family Ness
        Jimbo and the JetSet, Penny Crayon and Caribou Kitchen...

         The Family Ness            Penny Crayon
         Jimbo and the JetSet


Marall-Smith Studios

        The creators of that monocled mantis Manfred. They remain involved
        in a range of pre and post -production activities. ..



Mark Mason

        An animator for hire, Mark Mason singlehandedly animated and inbetweened
        Philbert Frog - 13 episodes in 13 weeks! - He has also worked on the likes
        of Raggy Dolls for Yorkshire TV, and William's Wish Wellingtons and
        Angelmouse for Hibbert Ralph. Mark has a continuing relationship with
        Graham Ralph, being an animation director with Silverfox Films...

Angelmouse         Second Star to the Left
Philbert Frog         William's Wish Wellingtons
 Raggy Dolls


        Monster Animation

        This busy Irish studio have brought us the wobbly delights of
        Roobarb and Custard Too, and they've recently introduced us to the
        cute inhabitants of Fluffy Gardens - the latter being created,
        written and directed by Monster's Jason Tammemagi...

        Fluffy Gardens                     A Q&A with Jason Tammemagi
        Roobarb and Custard Too


Murray, Gordon

        From strings to stop-motion, Gordon Murrays miniature worlds of Rubovia
        and Trumptonshire remain beloved by the nation. In the 1970's he brought
        us a selection of Gublin Legends and the tongue-twisting Skip and Fuffy
        before retiring from the toon business. But - my - what a legacy he's
        left to us...

         Camberwick Green      Skip and Fuffy
        Chigley                      Trumpton
         The Gublin Legends



        Martin Rosen brought us animated adaptations of two Richard Adams
        novels - in 1978 and 1982 - before withdrawing from the animation world
        for a while. But he was drawn back to the rabbits of Watership Down
        for a tv series in 1999...

         Plague Dogs                     Watership Down - series
         Watership Down - film

Peafur Productions

        "P fer Production" - Geddit? Comedians-come-writers David Freedman
        and Alan Gilbey operated under the Peafur banner between 2000 and 2003,
        during which time they brought us the joys of Mr Hell and Bounty
        Hamster - produced in conjunction with SilverFox Films ...

         Aaagh! - It's The Mr Hell Show
         Bounty Hamster

The Hound talks to Peafur's Alan Gilbey


Pelham Films

        Pioneering children's author turned puppet producer Roberta Leigh worked
        with Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's AP Films for a while, to bring us The
        Adventures of Twizzle and Torchy, The Battery Boy. Leigh then forged
        ahead with colleague Arthur Povis to bring us the 1961 classic Sara
        and Hoppity and sci-fi adventure series Space Patrol...


Pesky Productions

        The "flash" duo of David Hodgson and Claire Underwood have moved from
        titles and commercial work to series, having taken their first full-fledged
        creation The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers on a successful world tour...
         The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers (shorts)
         The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers (series)

The Hound talks to Pesky Productions


Playboard Puppets

        Ian Allen and the late John Thirtle brought their hugely succesful stage
        puppets to our tv screens via their self-titled Playboard series and
        sketches on Rainbow and Playschool, and the charming delights of
        Button Moon. These performances featured distinctive puppets operated
        against a jet-black backdrop. But Playboard then moved on, creating an
        entire seaside town for Spooks of Bottle Bay and numerous puppets
        for commercial and promotional events and adverts - work which Ian
        Allen continues today, alongside his theatrical endeavours...

Button Moon
Spooks of Bottle Bay


Red Balloo

        Red Balloo's David Bonner used to be a policeman, but he swopped the
        uniform for a toon suit to bring us The Lampies and Dr. Otter. Red Balloo
        is no more, alas, but the Lampies are now in the capable hands of
        LP productions...

         Doctor Otter
The Lampies


Red Kite

Scotland's finest here. Red Kite champion independent artists and animators
        and have built up a distinct animation portfolio of short films, amongst them
        Rachel Bevan-Bakers Beaches, Elizabeth Hobbs' The Emperor and The
        Witches and Bob Godgrey's Many Deaths of Norman Spittal. On their
        current slate are several tv series, including The Frightened Family, The
        Secret World of Benjamin Bear, Wilf The Witch's Dog
        and Katie Morag...


Silver Fox Films

        Graham Ralph was formerly one half of Hibbert Ralph Entetainment.
        He started Silver Fox Films in 1999 with a view to continuing the production
        of award-winnning tv series and specials which previously included Spider
        William's Wish Wellingtons, The First Snow of Winter and The Forgotten
        Toys. The team consists of Graham Ralph, producer Helen Cohen and
        animation directors Mark Mason and Paul Stone. Silver Fox animated
        the Christmas story Second Star to the Left as well as Bounty Hamster
        with Peafur Productions. Their all-new CGI series of The Magic
        Roundabout is currently - erm - doing the rounds...
         Angelmouse                        Second Star to the Left
         Bounty Hamster                   Spider
         The First Snow of Winter       William's Wish Wellingtons



        Cardiff based Siriol hit the big-time with SuperTed in the early 1980s.
        The three founder members later separated, leaving Robin Lyons in
        control of the studio until Entertainment Rights purchased its library
        of award-winning titles in Summer 2005. Robin now runs Siriol's
        replacement, Calon. Oh, and Siriol is Welsh for "cheerful"...

          The Blobs                            • Romuald the Reindeer
          Fireman Sam                              Santa's First Christmas
          Hilltop Hospital                            SuperTed
          Meeow!                                      Wil Cwac Cwac
         The Princess and the Goblin



        Working from their converted cowshed in Canterbury, Oliver Postgate and
        Peter Firmin created a dozen animated worlds to treasure. Their evergreen
        productions spanned four decades and included Bagpuss, The Clangers,
        Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, and Pogles Wood...

         Alexander the Mouse        Noggin the Nog  
         Bagpuss                          Pingwings
         The Clangers                    Pinny's House
         Ivor the Engine                  Pogles Wood

         Toon Gods: Oliver Postgate


Snowden Fine

        Oscar™ winning creators of the short film Bob's Birthday which spawned
        a highly successful series Bob and Margaret, but just as famous in the
        animation world for their short films George and Rosemary, Second Class
        Mail and In and Out. New toons are now following, including Ricky
        Sprocket Showbiz Boy...

         Bob and Margaret        The Hound talks to Snowden Fine


Spellbound Entertainment

        Formed in 2001 by Peter Curtis and Nick Barrington, Spellbound have
        "helped" themselves to worldwide acclaim with The Koala Brothers...

         The Koala Brothers 
         The Koala Brothers' Outback Christmas  


Stardust Pictures

        Founded in 1995 by Dino Athanassiou (Legends of Treasure Island),
        Stardust provide a full range of animated services for folks in need.
        They also have a full slate of projects in development, including an
        exciting animated adaptation of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde...


Stop Frame Productions

        This was the original partnership of Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, formed
        in 1972. The name was kept for three years, until 1975, when Cosgrove Hall
        Productions was born...

The Magic Ball       Sally and Jake


Summerton Mill Ltd

        Otherwise known as Pete Bryden and Ed Cookson, creators of
        the stop-motion gem that is Summerton Mill...

Summerton Mill  


        They began with 80s hi-tech favourite Telebugs, and moved on to Farthing
        Wood and Noah's Island before bringing us the award-winning special The
        Last Polar Bears . Now owned by TV-Loonland of Munich, Telemagination
        have given us Pongwiffy and Little Ghosts, and they've co-produced the
        animated Redwall series. Most recently, they've the big step into features
        with a retelling of Heidi, and we've had those mad medieval Metalheads...

         The Animals of Farthing Wood         Redwall
         Heidi                                              Telebugs
      • Metalheads


Tell-Tale Productions

        Will Brenton and Iain Lauchlan launched Tell-Tale in 1994, primarily
        as a writing vehicle. But since then they have created and produced
        such hugely-popular series as The Tweenies, Boo, and the extraterrestrial
        animated series BB3. Tell-Tale was acquired by Entertainment
        Rights in 2004, from where the company now operates as
        ER's Creative Division...


Triffic Films
        Tim Searle's team have brought us the award-winning delights of 2DTV
        and the controversially comical I am Not an Animal. The studio also has
        a healthy slate of credits sequences, pop promos and commercials
        under its belt...

         I am Not an Animal 


Turner, Mary and John Read

        Long-time associates of Gerry Anderson, Mary Turner and John Read
        struck out for Nutwood with The Adventures of Rupert Bear, then brought
        us Mumfie, the toomfoolery of Cloppa Castle and the fruitful delights
        of The Munch Bunch....

The Adventures of Rupert Bear       Here Comes Mumfie
Cloppa Castle                               The Munch Bunch


        TVC London / John Coates
        John Coates and TVC have been it, seen it, done it, in the animation
        world. In 1968 Coates was line producer on Yellow Submarine. Under the
        TVC banner he has brought us The Snowman, Father Christmas, Granpa,
        Peter Rabbit and Friends, The Bear, and many more specials, plus a
        shelf-load of BAFTAs, Emmy-nominations, and festival awards to go with
        them. In the noughites John Coates has hired himself out as producer on
        series such as Fantastic Flying Journey and The Storystore, and on
        film specials like The Tale of Jack Frost...

         Barney                      The Tale of Jack Frost 
         The Bear                • When the Wind Blows
         Father Christmas       The Willows in Winter
         Granpa                      Wind in the Willows
        The Snowman            The World of Peter Rabbit
        The Storystore          • Yellow Submarine


        Uli Meyer
        Uli Meyer has a tidy list of feature animation credits under his belt, and
        his animation studio continues to work on commercial, promos and series.
        They animated The Lampies for Red Balloo, and developed Dr Otter when
        it was still a 2D concept...

        The Lampies


        Wark Clements

        In 2002, Wark Clements set sail for adventure with the puppet delights
        of Captain Abercromby...

         Captain Abercromby

        Woodland Animations

        Stop-motion maestro Ivor Wood lends his name to this production outfit,
        through which he has brought us '80s favourites Charlie Chalk and Postman
        Pat, Bertha and Gran. Of course, for many years, Wood was an integral
        part of the FilmFair studio and his lengthy career stretches back to the 1960s
        when he was designing characters and directing for The Magic Roundabout...

Bertha               • Gran
Charlie Chalk       • Postman Pat


        Yates, David

        Busy producer and director of such favourites as BOD, The Flumps
        and Pigeon Street in association with Alan Rogers and Peter Lang
        of Cut-Out, and the prolific Michael Cole...

        Astro Farm               • Ludwig
        BOD                            Pigeon Street
 The Flumps                  Wombles specials
      • The Gingerbread Man

all characters © their respective creators and licensees / F2008