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It's A Puppet!


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Supercar           (1961-1962)
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producers: AP Films/ ATV / ITC
Supermarionation / string and
                      radio-controlled puppets

                             SEASON ONE
                             1961 / 26 x 25mins

                             SEASON TWO
                             1962 / 13 x 25mins


    "It travels on land, or roams the sky,
     through the Heaven's stormy rage

.   How super was Supercar? - Well, this splendid vehicle could traverse land,
    sea or air as required, which meant it was available for all sorts of adventures -
    from the very the depths of the earth, to the realms beyond our planet, in
    outer space. Supercar was based at a secret laboratory at Black Rock,
    in the Nevada Desert, which was also home to test pilot Mike Mercury,
    Dr Horatio Beaker, Professor Rudolph Popkiss, a ten-year old boy called
    Jimmy Gibson and his monkey pal Mitch.
These five characters were the
    regular co-stars in this "super" show, and they were just as regularly
    pitched against the villainous Masterspy and his squirming cohort Zarin.
    He'd often hire thugs like Jazz and Bud to aid him in his crminial scheming,
    which focused upon Supercar - a machine he was so very-desperate to
    get his hands upon.
    Supercar is regarded as Gerry Anderson's breakthrough series. Whilst
    "Torchy", "Twizzle" and "Four Feather Falls" had won many hearts and
    minds, this was the show that first touched the tv straosphere. The puppets
    featured greater sophistication, finer wires and better lip-sych. And the team
    who constructed and filmed them solidified into a core of professionals who
    were employed on the Anderson series that followed through the 60s.
    It was also the first to experience a surrounding wealth of tie-in apparrel
    and promotions. But most importantly, perhaps, it was the first Anderson
    series to have Lew Grade's magic dust swirling around it. Lew had stepped
    in to the breach when Gerry Anderson failed to get a commision for his
    new sci-fi show. Granada TV had previously backed "Four Feather Falls"
    but for them, "Supercar" was a no-go. Lew bought up the project, trimmed
    the budget and presented the world with the first of so-many super
    marionated series...


    Supercar episodes

    Series One                            Series Two
    Rescue                                  The Runaway Train
    Amazonian Adventure               Precious Cargo
    The Talisman of Sargon            Operation Superstork
    False Alarm                             Hi-Jack
    What Goes Up                         Calling Charlie Queen
    Keep It Cool                            Space for Mitch
    Grounded                                The Sky's the Limit
    Jungle Hazard                          70-B-Lo
    High Tension                            Atomic Witch Hunt
    A Little Art                              Jail Break
    Ice-Fall                                  The Day That Time Stood Still
    Island Incident                        Transatlantic Cable
    The Tracking of Masterspy        King Kool
    Phantom Piper
    Deep Seven
    Pirate Plunder
    Flight of Fancy
    The Sunken Temple
    Trapped in the Depths
    Crash Landing
    The Dragon of Ho Meng
    The Lost City
    The Magic Carpet
    The White Line
    Supercar "Take One"


     Supercar on DVD

     UK DVD Supercar: The Complete Series
                Region 2 box set / Network / April 2005

    USA DVD Supercar: The Complete Series
                Region 1 box-set / A&E Home Video / May 2003


     Series One

     producer:       Gerry Anderson
     directors:       David Elliott, Alan Pattillo,
                          Desmond Saunders
     music:           Barry Gray
     addl music:    Edwin Astley
     d.o.p:            John Read
     art director:    Reg Hill
     dialogue dir:   Sylvia Anderson
     spfx:              Roger Woodburn
     voices:           Graydon Gould (Mike Mercury)
                          David Graham (Dr Horatio Beaker / Mitch)
                          George Murcell (Prof Rudolph Popkiss)
                          Sylvia Thamm (Jimmy Gibson)

     Series Two

     producer:       Gerry Anderson
     directors:       David Elliott, Alan Pattillo,
                          Desmond Saunders, Bill Harris
     music:            Barry Gray
     d.o.p:             John Read
     art sup:          Reg Hill
     prod sup:        David Elliott
     lighting cam:   Ian Struthers
     dialogue dir:    Sylvia Anderson
     art director:     Bob Bell
     spfx:               Derek Meddings
     voices:            Graydon Gould (Mike Mercury)
                           David Graham (Dr Horatio Beaker / Mitch)
                           Cyril Shaps (Prof Rudolph Popkiss)

                              Sylvia Anderson (Jimmy Gibson)

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     Austin Tate
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