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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
     Telebugs from Telemagination - Bug, Chip, Samantha and Mic go Telesonic!


     The Telebugs      
Telebug Enterprises
                      Telemaginations Ltd.

2D animation
86 x 5mins

    "All systems - Go Telesonic!"

    The Telebugs were a hi-tech trio of merry monitored robots created by
    absent-minded Professor Brainstrain - or indeed, 'Bwainstwain' owing
    to his unfortunate lisp. Theses robots were 'Pwogwammed to help people
    in twouble', but more specifically to combat the new threat of computerized
    villains and advanced adversaries springing up around the country.

    The Telebugs' leader was a white-shelled droid called Chip. He was
    a calculation robot, able to process data and statistics at a phenomenal
    rate. Samantha was the yellow one. She was a hi-tech monitor and
    tracking device. Her bow-tie was actually a spinning radar. Then there
    was Bug, the red robot programmed to acquire video footage and pictures.
    Bug came with a sidekick called Mic, a mobile independent camera.

    The Telebugs attached themselves as associates of the local tv station
    run by the ill-tempered Mr McStarch. Their main adversary was mad
    Baron Bullybyte and his witch-like sister Magna. Bullybyte was in possession
    of an evil computer creation called Angel Brain. This wicked trio cropped
    up numerous times during the three Telebugs seasons.

    In the course of the first season Professor Brainstrain creates a fourth
    black shelled Telebug called ZUDO - short for Zero-failure Universal Data
    Optimizer. Unfortunately Zudo's wires get crossed and he sets off on
    a wild rampage through the english countryside proclaiming 'Evil okay!'
    in a twisted electronic war-cry. In a final cliff-top encounter Zudo appears
    to be neutralized, but he rises from the depths of the sea to return in
    a later adventure...

     Some Telesonic facts

       Professor Brainstrain's screwball cat was called Grumble,
          although the good prof himself naturally called him 'Gwumble'.
       Chip's first ever calculation: 'I calculate a ninety-six-point-two-three-five
          percent chance that our help will be required at the TV building!' 

       Angel Brain was first neutralized by the Telebugs inserting an
         addictive games program called Sixth Dimensional Solitaire into
         her mainframe.

       The male Telebugs character voices were provided by Ron Moody,
          most famous for his Oscar-nominated portrayal of Fagin in 'Oliver!'

       In the episode entitled 'Zudo Bug', the bad bug retreats to a mining facility.
         The QSY Mining Ltd hoarding states that they are 'part of the Lloyd-Jones
         Group' - In real life, Elphin Lloyd-Jones was the Telebugs' co-producer
         and director!

     'Telebugs' was an interesting concept, very much of its time. Computers
     were just beginning to infiltrate our everyday lives, and kids were only just
     becoming hooked on the electronic thrills of hi-tech amusement arcades,
     Atari and Amiga consoles. The show has dated horribly, of course, but has
     acquired a certain kitsch attraction as a result. With its Casio rhythms and
     digital theme tune, big chunky computer units and painful techno-speak, The
     Hound calculates a ninety-nine-point-oh-four-seven percent chance of a
     stimulating eighties reminiscence...

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     produced and directed by
      John M Mills and Elphin Lloyd-Jones

     exec prod:        Anna Home
     writers:            Gwyneth Jones
                            Shellie Smith, Glenn Tyler
                            Diane Freeman, Terry Ward
     music:              Andy Murray
     animation:        Mike Pocock, Tony Guy, Dave Unwin,
                            Alan green, Ray Kelly, Ramon Modiano,
                            Gary McCarver, Alan Simpson, Janet Nunn,
                            Joanne Gooding, Gary Blatchford, Margot Allen,
     assistants:       Claire Bramwell, Nicola Mander, Helen Kincaid
      and layout:
       Dave Elvin, Peter See
     backgrounds:    Russell Pierman, Kevin Smith
     voices:             Ron Moody
                            Susie Westerby

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© Telebugs Enterprises 1984 / F2008