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It's A Puppet!

Terrahawks - Zeroids

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Terrahawks    (1983-1984)
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producers: Anderson Burr Pictures,
                      LWT Productions
       puppets: Supermacromation
                      hand & radio-controlled
      episodes: 39 x 25 mins


     "Expect the unexpected..."
                                              - Tiger Ninestein


In the near-future - 2020 in fact - NASA HQ on Mars is annihilated by an alien
    force. But this isn't Captain Scarlet and these aren't the Mysterons. Instead,
    we're witnessing the arrival of androids from the planet Guk, somewhere in
    Alpha Centauri. Now their commander, a haggard old crone called Zelda, has set
    up a staging post on the planet, from which she intends to destroy the human
    race on Earth.

    But that won't happen if "Tiger" Ninestein has anything to do with it. Dr. Ninestein
    leads a protection force, the Terrahawks Earth Defence Squadron. From their
    base - the Hawknest - somewhere in South America, Ninestein, Captain Mary
    Falconer, Captain Kate Kestrel, Lieutenant Hawkeye, Lieutenant Hiro, and
    their team of robot Zeroids do their very best to  keep the aliens at bay.
Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein

    Here's a familiar premise from Gerry Anderson, but this time the show is pitched
    squarely towards a younger audience. Zelda and the Terrahawks are playing
     that age old game of noughts and crosses, on a galactic level. Zelda's alien
    robots take the form of Cubes. Pitted against them are those Zeroids,
    shaped - you guessed it - like spheres. Just in case we haven't realised this,
    the opponents play out a noughts and crosses game over the credits.
    The Cubes have the ability to combine to create powerful force fields,
    and even a huge space gun. The Zeroids can reply by altering their mass,
    increasing their weight 100 fold, to use themselves as unstoppable
    bowling balls. Unlike the Cubes, the Zeroids have distinct personalities.
    Their commander is the outspoken Sgt. Major Zero, who likes nothing more
    than to bark out orders to Space Sgt. 101 and zere French friend Dix-Huit.

    As for the Terrahawk humans, well, Hawksnest houses a Battlehawk transport
    ship with a Battletank inside, and a Terrahawk command vessel installed on its
    back. The Hawkwing is a nippy little fighter craft located beneath the Hawknest
    lake. Then there's the shuttle craft known as Treehawk, hidden within a false tree.
    It's used to ferry folks and freight to the team's orbiting space station, Spacehawk,
    where clever Lieutenant Hiro languishes, most of the series.

    Zelda isn't the cleverest despot to have threatened the galaxy, because she's
    allowed several bumbling members of her "family" to join her on her destructive
    path. There's her airy "sister" Cry-Star, and her "son" Birl-Goy, and there's Zelda's
    "off-spring" Yung-Star. Also with her are a squad of cryogenically frozen aliens,
    waiting to be thawed out and pitted against the Terrahawks. These accomplices
    include a space monster called Sram, the gorilla-like Sporilla, Tamura the Space
    Samurai, MOID the Master Of Infinite Disguise, Lord Tempo the Master of Time,
    and a seemingly cuddly teddy bear called Yuri who is actually a master of
    mind control.

    Here then, is a real mix and match series, featuring elements from any number
    of previous Anderson creations. It's all good fun, though. Windsor Davies
    ("It Ain't Half Hot Mum") brings his best boisterous baritone to the voice of
    Sgt. Major Zero, and Anne Ridler cackles with glee as evil Zelda. The standout,
    however, must surely be one of the secondary characters. Stew Dapples is the
    spaced-out A&R man at Anderburr Records (geddit?). He's like, a star creation,
    you know...

» "Terrahawks" utilised a new puppetry technique labeled "Supermacromation".
       Here the puppets were hand-controlled, akin to Muppets. This meant that
       the stars could work without using strings. The caricature faces had plenty
       of room inside for an operator's hand ...

» Series writer Tony Barwick employed many silly pseudonyms on the episode
       credits, in keeping with the spoof character names incoprorated into the
       show. Keep your eye out for "Sheik Spearstein" and more....


    Terrahawks call-signs

     What good is an Gerry Anderson show without a call-sign?
     Terrahawks has several...

     one-zero        top secret

     ten-zero         negative
     ten-ten          affirmative
     ten-twenty     location
     ten-thirty       standing by
     ten-fourty      battle stations
     ten-fifty         launch
     ten-ninety     mayday

      We also have Sgt. Major Zero's battle-cry of "Stroll on!" used whenever
      he launches into a bowling ball attack...


    Terrahawks episodes

    1. Expect the Unexpected - pt 1     21. Play it Again, Sram
    2. Expect the Unmexpected - pt 2   22. My Kingdom For a Zeaf
    3. Thunder Roar                            23. Zero's Finest Hour
    4. Close Call                                  24. The Ultimate Menace
    5. From Here to Infinity                 25. Gold
    6. Space Samurai                           26. Ma's Monsters
    7. The Sporilla                             27. Two For the Price of One
    8. Happy Madeday                          28. Child's Play
    9. Gunfight at Oaky's Corral            29. Jolly Roger One
    10. The Ugliest Monster of All        30. Runaway
    11. The Gun                                   31. First Strike
    12. Thunder Path                        32. Terrabomb
    13. Mind Monster                             33. Doppelganger
    14. To Catch a Tiger                     34. Timewarp
    15. The Midas Touch                    35. Space Cyclops
    16. Operation SAS                          36. Operation Zero

    17. Ten Top Pop                          37. Space Giant
    18. Unseen Menace                     38. Cry UFO
    19. A Christmas Miracle                39. Cold Finger
    20. Midnight Blue


    Terrahawks on DVD

     UK DVD Terrahawks releases

                Revelation have released the show as a box set, as three
                colllectors sets, and as individual discs...

     USA DVD Terrahawks
                And here's the US selection...


    an Anderson Burr Pictures / LWT Production
    created by Gerry Anderson

     producers:             Gerry Anderson, Christopher Burr
     assoc prod:            Bob Bell
     directors:               Tony Lenny (16 eps)
                                 Tony Bell (15 eps)
                                 Alan Pattillo (5 eps)
                                 Desmond Saunders (3 eps)
     writers:                  Tony Barwick (36 eps + 1 as co-writer)
                                 Gerry Anderson (2 eps)
                                 Trevor Lansdown (1 as co-writer)
     music:                    Richard Harvey
     addtnl music:         Gerry Anderson, Christopher Burr
     spfx:                      Christopher Begg
     spfx supervisor:     Malcolm King
     spfx technicians:    Peter Farr, Ross King, Gus Ramsden
     art director:           Gary Tomkins
     editor:                   Tony Lenny
     superv editor:        Alan Killick
     prod man:             Donald Toms
     1st a.d:                 Derek Whitehurst
     props:                   Peter Holmes
     sound:                   Roy Hyde, Brian Lintern, Alan Willis
     vis fx:                   Kevin Davies (vid game & titles animator)
                                 Harry Oakes (vis fx lighting cameraman)
                                 Paddy Seale (vis fx lighting cameraman)
                                 Nick Finlayson (model maker)
                                 Richard Gregory (model maker)
                                Susan Moore (model maker)
     camera ops:           E Michael Anderson, David Lawrence
     focus pullers:         Fiona Cunningham-Reid, Jonathan Earp
     chief puppeteer:     Christine Glanville
     puppeteers:           Jan Kendall, Judy Preece, Zena Relph, Tina Werts
     voices:                  Windsor Davies (Sgt Major Zero)
                                Denise Bryer (Zelda / Mary Falconer)
                                Jeremy Hitcher (Ninestein / Hiro / Moid / Tempo / Col. Johnson
                                                    Sram / Chik King / It-Star male)
                                 Anne Ridler (Kate Kestrel / Cy-Star / It-Star female)
                                Ben Stevens (Hawkeye / Sgt 101 / Yung-Star / Dix-Huit
                                                  Hudson / Stew Dapples / Five-Five)



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© Anderson Burr Productions / F2007