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  The Cartoon Museum in Great Russell Street, London, W1.
Ronald Searle - Graphic Master     (19.02.10)

   If you're in London some time between March and the start of July,
   you should make a beeline for The Cartoon Museum in Great
   Russell Street, W1, where they'll be staging a rather spiffing
   exhibition celebrating the 90th birthday of Ronald Searle.

   People bandy about the word "genius" all-too easily, nowadays.
   But Searle is one. No question. He's spent seventy-five years in
   the field, producing extraordinary cartoon work for the likes of
   The Cambridge Daily News, The News Chronicle, Life,
   Holiday, The Sunday Express, Punch, The Tribune
   more recently, Le Monde. His famous anthologies and collections
   include "Merry England", "The Rake's Progress", "The Great
   Fur Opera" and he illustrated four classic books starring that
   schoolboy brat Nigel Molesworth. He's also stepped into animated
   realms via credit sequences for "Those Magnificent men in Their
   Flying Machines" and "Monte Carlo or Bust" and the full-length
   feature "Dick Deadeye".

   And then, of course, there are those delightfully demure
   St Trinian's schoolgirls. The minxes first saw print in 1941, and
   they continue to loom large over Searle's career. They really have
   become part of the cartoon fabric of the UK, as familiar to us Brits
   as Davey Law's Dennis the Menace, Thelwell's ponies or Giles'
   Grandma. And they're back in vogue again right now, via the two
   up-to-the-minute live-action films. But there's so much more to
   Searle, there really is...

   "He had a huge effect on me. I wanted to draw like him.
   His pen was always searching, exploring every nook and
   cranny of his subject. His exciting, electric style
   fascinated me."
                       - Gerald Scarfe

   The Cartoon Museum's exhibition will feature 140 works, covering
   all aspects of Ronald Searle's illustrious career. And a number of
   the world’s leading cartoonists and filmmakers have produced
   artworks in homage to him, and written pieces for the exhibition
   catalogue, principally Steve Bell, Roger Law, Mike Leigh, Uli
   Meyer, Arnold Roth, Martin Rowson, Posy Simmonds, Ralph
   Steadman and another toon genius quoted above, Gerald Scarfe.
   We're also told that Searle himself has been closely involved in
   the mounting of the exhibition, lending artwork and drawing
   materials and assisting with research through an in-depth

   Ronald Searle - Graphic Master will run from March 3rd to
   July 4th 2010 at The Cartoon Museum, Great Russell Street,
   London W1.

                                                   More: The Cartoon Museum


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