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  "The Adventures of Julius Chancer: The Rainbow Orchid - Volume Two" by Garen Ewing, published by Egmont Books
Second Chancer...    (28.03.10)

Oh, it feels like we've been sitting on this cliffhanger for an age,
   but Volume Two of Garen Ewing's wonderful Rainbow Orchid
   adventure really is inching towards its publication date. And
   here's the proof:

   "The Adventures of Julius Chancer: The Rainbow Orchid - Volume Two" by Garen Ewing, published by Egmont Books

   Yep, we now have an official cover image to drool over!

   "The Rainbow Orchid" is a three-part rip-roaring comic strip adventure
   starring Julius Chancer, who's off on an expedition to recover the
   titular flower. It's said to have legendary properties. And needless
   to say, he's not the only one looking for it...

   Egmont Books published Volume One last August. And it ended
   on an aerial cliffhanger, with Julius and his associates flying to
   Karachi, where more adventure awaits. So Volume Two can't
   get here soon enough. Nor the third, indeed.

   If you spent any part of your childhood hidden beneath the bed
   covers, reading Tintin by torchlight, then "The Rainbow Orchid" is
   a must. But more than that, if you want to read a ligne claire
   classic in the making, then you should buy this book. It will
   have additional future value too, because Egmont intend to
   eventually bring the three volumes together into a standalone
   edition, which means these separate editions may fall out
   favour with them. The Hound loves the cliffhanger aspect, and
   the anticipation for subsequent volumes, just like those classic
   film serials of the past. Garen has managed to capture that
   very particular spirit of adventure,
in strip form. The artwork is
   just stunning, the characters wonderfully engaging, and there
   are lots of twists and turns to keep you on your toes.
   fisticuffs. And subterfuge. And dames with guns, and hired

    Evelyn Crow - as drawn by Garen Ewing in The Hound's copy of "The Rainbow Orchid - Volume one"

   And then there's Evelyn Crow, with her Louise Brooks haircut.
   What a gal. Dark, devious and delicious. And look, Garen drew
   her specially for me... *sigh*...

   Yes. Well. That's quite enough of that, old bean.
The Adventures
of Julius Chancer: The Rainbow Orchid - Volume Two is published
   on 5th July by Egmont Books. Whilst you're waiting its arrival,
   you can find out lots more about the strip and its creator, and
   keep abreast of sneak-peeks and background sketches and more
   on Garen's splendid web site!

                                                     More: The Rainbow Orchid


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