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  The 2010 British Animation Awards - BAA winners
BAA Winners    (10.04.10)

   Last Thursday, April 8th, all the Movers and Shakers on the
   British animation scene gathered at the British Film Institute
   for the 2010 British Animation Awards. And you might recall, we
   talked about the nominees a wee while back.

   Anywho, without further ado, it's time to highlight and congatulate
   this year's jammy winners, and offer our commiserations to those
   who was robbed - erm - I mean, those who missed out. Included
   in the final fanfare are the three Public Choice winners. These
   were the trio prizes picked out by us, the Great British Public,
   via a series of special screenings in the run up to awards night.

   The Hound has his favourites, of course, but in the interest of
   Fair Play he's not going to single out anyone for their success.
   But he's quite happy to applaud and whistle heartily for all of
   this year's winners and nominees alike!

   You can check out all the info on the night and its surprises on the
   BAA web site, plus look up earlier winners, and peruse their little
   web store via which they sell a range of DVD anthologies, featuring
   shorts and ads and promos of past winners - which are jolly good
   things to own, whether you're a budding student, professional,
   or fan...


   Best Animated Special


    dir: Marc Craste / prod: Sue Goffe / Studio A.K.A.

   A Matter of Loaf and Death

    dir: Nick Park / prod: Steve Pegram / Aardman Animations

   Lost and Found
- Winner!
    dir: Philip Hunt / prod: Sue Goffe / Studio A.K.A.


   Best Pre school Series

   Roary the Racing Car - "Cici Spectacular"

    prod: Chapman Entertainment Ltd for Five
    in association with Nickelodeon

   My Favourite Bedtime Stories - "The Cat & the Rooster"

    prod: Blue-Zoo Productions for Nick Jr.

   Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom - "Big Bad Barry"
- Winner!
     prod: Astley Baker Davies/E1 Kids for Nick Jr.

    Best Children’s Series

    KNTV Sex - "The Act of Sex"

     dir: Garry J Marshall / prod: Harry Bell / Tern Television
     Productions Ltd. for Channel 4

    Shaun the Sheep - "Ewe’ve Been Framed"
- Winner!
     dir: Richard Webber / series dir: Chris Sadler
     prod: Gareth Owen / Aardman Animations for BBC & WDR

    Stitch Up Showdown - "Bad Boxing"

     dir: Oli Hyatt, Adam Shaw / prod: Adam Shaw
     animation: Blue Zoo Productions / Blue Zoo Productions
     for Nickelodeon

    Children’s Choice

    Roary the Racing Car
    Shaun the Sheep
    A Matter of Loaf and Death
- Winner!

    Best European Animated Feature

    LASCARS (Round da Way)
    The Secret of Kells
- Winner!
    Panique au village (A Town Called Panic)

    Best Short Film

    The Black Dog’s Progress
- Winner!
     dir: Stephen Irwin / produced for Animate Projects

Tad’s Nest
     dir: Petra Freeman / produced for Animate Projects

     dir: Chris Gavin

    Best Sound

    The Black Dog’s Progress
- Winner!
     dir: Stephen Irwin / produced for Animate Projects

    Yellow Belly End

     composer: Stuart Earl / sound design: Zhe Wu
     dir: Philip Bacon / produced at The NFTS

    Tad’s Nest

      music: Sofia Gubaidulina / sound design: Pete Howell
      dir: Petra Freeman / produced for Animate Projects

    Best Film/TV Graphics

    Animal Planet

     dir: Howard Watkins / prod: Kenny Reid / The Discovery
     Channel/Lipsync Post

    Holland Animation Film Festival Title Sequence - "Robin"
- Winner!
     dir: Lee Wilson Wolfe, Pete Bishop / prod: Pete Bishop / The Shop

    Five Creative Burst - "Love Story"

     dir: The Plant / prod: Jonathan Bairstow / animation: The Plant/ Sherbet

    Best Student Film


     dir: Rhiannon Evans / produced at the International Film
     School of Wales

    Yellow Belly End
- Winner!
     dir: Philip Bacon / produced at The NFTS

     dir: Rafael Sommerhalder / prod: Animation Staff,
     Royal College of Art / produced at the Royal College of Art .

    New Media: Best Commissioned Animation

    Harmonix - "The Beatles Rock Band Intro"
- Winner!
     dir: Pete Candeland / prod: Pete Maguire, Debbie Crosscup / Passion Pictures

    Converse -"Pool"

     dir: George Gendi / prod: Jonathan Bairstow
     animation: George Gendi & Bishoy Gendi / Sherbet

    DJ Hero

     dir: Marco Puig / prod: Sarah Hiddlestone, Simon Whalley,
     Mike Woods & Diarmid Scrimshaw / sound: Pepper Post / Framestore in
     association with Warp Films

    Best Music Video

    Tom Fun Orchestra - "Bottom of the River"

      dir: Alasdair + Jock / prod: Richard Barnett / Trunk Animation
      for Company House Records

    Animal Kingdom - "Chalk Stars"

     dir: Thomas Hicks / animation: Thomas Hicks & Paddy Molloy
     an independent production for Warp Records

    Flogging Molly - "Float"
- Winner!
     dir: Karni & Saul / prod: Rokkit for Sideone Dummy

    Best Commercial Director - "Jingle"

     dir: Darren Walsh / Passion Pictures for VCCP.

    IOC - "All Together Now"

     dir: Fx & Mat / Nexus Productions for Cole & Weber United, USA.

    Audi Q5 - "Unboxed"
- Winner!
     dir: Russell Brooke & Aaron Duffy / Passion Pictures & 1st Ave
     Machine for BBH, London

    Best Commercial: Craft

    Audi Q5 - "Unboxed"
- Winner!
     dir: Russell Brooke & Aaron Duffy / Passion Pictures & 1st Ave
     Machine for BBH, London

    Neotel - "No Restrictions"

     dir: Jeremy Holden / Riverstone Films Johannesburg & Framestore
     for TBWA/Hunt Lascaris

    Alko - "Father & Son"

     dir: Jonathan Hodgson / prod: Jonathan Bairstow / Sherbet for
     Grey Direct, Helsinki

    Applied Animation

    Show Me, Show Me

      animation dir: Siri Melchoir / prod: Richard Barnett / Trunk
      Animation for CBeebies

    War for Resources - "Age of Stupid"

      animation dir: Jonathan Hodgson / prod: Jonathan Hodgson
      & Lizzie Gillett / Spanner Films

    The Violent Highway
- Winner!
      animation dir: Tony Comley / prod: Jonathan Bairstow & Sarah
      Essam / sound & music: Blast Films / Sherbet for BBC.

    Public Choice: Favourite Music Video

    Rex the Dog: Bubblicious
- Winner!
     dir: Geoffroy de Crecy / produced by Partizan for Cooperative Music

    Public Choice: Favourite Advert

    Cadburys Creme Egg: Mousetrap
- Winner!
    dir: Chris Cairns / produced by Partizan for Publicis, London

    Public Choice: Favourite Film

    This Way Up
 - Winner!
dir: Smith & Foulkes / produced by Nexus Productions

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