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   "Summerton Mill" now on DVD!
   Wot's this, then...?    (25.04.10)


   Well, I'll be jiggered. Look what's blown in on the Spring wind.
   It's one of those shiny DVD thingybobs. Summerton Mill.  
   The complete first series, and all. Never thought I'd see the
   day, so I did...

   "Summerton Mill - Series One" DVD

   And we can cast that crude West Country accent aside now
   as we repeat, most truthfully, that this really is a day The Hound
   thought might never come.
You see, Summerton Mill is a
   series that takes you off life's highway, parks you in a layby
   and pours you a nice hot cuppa from a flask. It wants you to
   share a sandwich with Dan, Fluffa and Mr and Mrs Naybhur.
   And now we're at it, here's a big sticky bun to follow, and we
   might as well lay back on a blanket and lose ourselves in
   the rolling clouds, till tea-time, whereupon we'll light a fire
   and toast marshmallows and tell stories till it's way past our
   bedtime, and - oh - we seem to have lost track of the day...

   But that's just the point. If you've read The Hound's
   rundown of the Top 10 Toons of the Noughties, you'll know that
   this dawg rates Pete Bryden and Ed Cookson's little series
   very highly indeed. And you'll also know that it's a series that
   appears to have defied the broadcasters. The thing is, they
   know nothing. Let's repeat that again, with separate stops.
   They. Know. Nothing. Not a thing. Nil. Zilcho.

   "Summerton Mill" is lightning in a bottle. And the really clever
   thing is, it's not just some soft-focus rose-tinted nostalgia
   trip for us dull old thirty and fortysomethings. It's bang up to
   date, and it's funny. Yes, funny. Dan and the gang have some
   quite ridiculous encounters. And Dan - bless 'im - is just the
   daftest mop-headed bumpkin you could ever hope to meet.
   And you can see exactly what he gets up to now, thanks to
   this first season release.

   Summerton Mill - Series One is available now, only through
   Amazon. That's all thirteen episodes, to watch again and again,
   as the blue sky turns, and the long days blur. And better, better,
   better yet, if you're hooked up to iTunes, you can download the
   complete second series as well. That's the season we've not
   yet seen on UK television, so you're getting it on your iPod
   ahead of your TV. Why, it makes your brain go all fizzy,
   so it does...  
                                                         More: Summerton Mill


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