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  "Good Dog, Bad Dog", "Mezolith" and "The Spider Moon" - the first three titles from The DFC Library
The DFC Library   (24.02.10)

   In no time at all, it seems, the DFC Library is almost upon us.
   For those of you who might need reminding, The DFC was a
   short-lived but much-admired subscription-only British comic
   weekly put together by David Fickling, he of the imprint of
   Random House books that bears his name (David Fickling
   Books). The comic had some high hopes, and it brought together
   some very exciting new comic book talents. But alas, its final
   issue came all too soon. Anywho, Mr Fickling promised to
   persevere with his belief that there's a hungry market for
   comic book strips and tales for a younger audience. Hence
   this new library of collected strips from The DFC that's all
   set to take its place alongside those TinTin and Asterix books
   that are currently hogging the shelf space on their lonseome,
   in your local Waterstone's.

   It's brave. It's ambitious. And it's to be applauded. This is
   something the UK comics scene has been howling for, for
   far too long. Let's just hope this new library gets a fair crack
   to find and connect with its audience.

   Dave Shelton's Good Dog, Bad Dog, Ben Haggarty and Adam
   Brockbank's Mezolith and Kate Brown's The Spider Moon are
   the first three graphic novel titles en route to bookbuyers, with
   The Etherington Brother's Monkey Nuts, Neill Cameron's
   Mo-bot High and Sarah McIntyre's Vern & Lettuce following
   closely behind. Most of those folks will be holding the fort
   at a number of upcoming comic and book conventions,
   around the UK, with Hi-Ex being the first...

   So there we are. We're about to find out once and for all if
   there's really a younger comic book readership out there, hungry
   for new toons, or whether we've all been simply deluded all these
   years since the golden age of the fun comic weekly. It's certainly
   strange how there's a flourishing demand for such fare, on the
   Continent, where all those bande dessinee continue to sell like
   hotcakes. Here in the UK, well, it sometimes feels as if
   we're still wearing Beano glasses. Go on. Take 'em off.
   See what's out there!

   Mr Shelton's shaggy anthology kicks it all off in March. That's
   less than a week away. But just in case you're still dithering,
   or you need a comics fix sooner, Random House have provided
   a little sneak-peek at this new library on the web site we linked
   to at the top of this article (er, that will be this one...)

                                                  More: The DFC Library


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