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   "Ben and Holly's Little kingdom" art prints by art You Grew Up With
   Little prints    (10.06.10)


   Oh, but these aren't so little. They're big and bright and completely,
   deliriously desirable. They're four fantastic new prints from the
   folks at Art You Grew Up With that jump off the wall and chase
   you back to your house, demanding that you buy them. And if
   you don't, why then, they'll sit on the fence outside and sing a
   sweet song to the moon that will call you from your sleep,
   so you'll never ever go to dreamland again...

   Um. Yes. Quite.

   Here's the score. If you're a Toonhound regular you will most
   certainly recognise the name of London's Animation Art Gallery
   (they of those illustrious Peppa Pig and Paddington prints, etc,
   etc.) Well, they've now undergone a tidy name change, to
   highlight their move towards a mix of new prints and art goodies
   that are sure to appeal to - um - the kinds of folks who visit here,
   as it happens. So it's Art You Grew Up With, from here on.
   And amongst the first new releases out the gate are these
   prints taken from Astley Baker Davies' ladybird-infested,
   BAFTA-winning creation, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
   which is currently delighting young audiences on Nick Jr and
   Five. And older ones, because the series is another wonder
   from the animated trimuverate. Little people and little creatures
   having big adventures in their not-so-little green realm.

   "Yum Tum Sausasages"  "Dirty Feet"

   "School Room Fun"  "Football Fun"

   It's a lovely, lovely, lovely series. Three whole lovelies of good.
   And these prints are equally lovely. There are four chromatic
   pigment ink prints to choose from, each measuring 17"x15".
   They're all hand signed by Neville Astley, Mark Baker and Phil
   Davies, and most importantly of all, they're restricted to just 50
   editions. So you's best get your order in sharply, because, if
   they're as popular
as their Peppa Pig predecessors they'll
   sell out all-too quickly. As always with this kind of thing, you've
   got to see them in the flesh to really get the picture. But trust
   me, they are stunning.

   Oh, and speaking of Peppa Pig, her range of prints is also proving
   oinkingly-popular. There are new editions being published every
   few weeks, it seems, and choosing a favourite is bloomin'
   impossible, but Prince Peppa and Her friends at the Castle
   is yet another doozy - Snort!

   Does this sound like one big advert for our favourite affiliate?
   I hope not. Or maybe I do. You see, all editorials aside, The
   Hound just loves this kind of animated collectible. Seriously,
   what's not to like? It would be remiss of me not to report on
   these fab art prints, as and when newcomers appear, even though
   some may sneer. As far I'm concerned, Art You Grew Up With,
   are continuing to produce some of the very best UK toon ranges
   in town, and as long as they keep making them, I'll keep plugging
   and supporting them. The more folks hear about them, the more
   they'll buy. And the more they buy, the more likely we are to see
   even bigger and better items released to the market. It's a Cartoon
   Circle of Life thing. Erm. And all that...
                                                More: Art You Grew Up With



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