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  "The Fool of The World and The Flying Ship" from Cosgrove Hall Productions / WGBH Boston
The Fool of the World    (19.02.10)

   This week sees the DVD re-release for one of Cosgrove Hall's very
   best productions. The Fool of The World and The Flying Ship is a
   Russian folk tale adaptation, produced in 1990. Like so many such
   tales, it begins with a beautiful Princess and a royal decree that will
   see her marrying the first suitor to bring her a ship that can fly. The
   decree reaches the ears of lowly young Pyotr and his spoiled
   brothers, and, after his siblings disappear with the money the family
   have raised to buy such a ship, Pyotr sets off to look for them. He
   soon encounters a strange wizened man, in whose wake comes a
   swanlike flying ship and six extraordinary characters who whisk
   him to the Tsar's Palace to fulfill the decree. Only, in true fairytale
   tradition, the path to True Love does not run quite as smoothly as

    "The Fool of The World and The Flying Ship" on DVD from Revelation Films

   Though the fairytale title may be unfamiliar, its content will
   immediately connect with those who know of the adventures of 
   Baron Munchausen. Pyotr's fantastic new friends include a
   sharpshooter, a chap with incredible hearing, and another with
   great speed. But as we've already stated in the film's indexing, such
   is the way of folk tales around the world, borrowing themes and
   content as each community retells them and makes them their own.
   But we're disgressing. All you need to know is that this 54min feature
   is a gem. It was directed by Francis Vose and produced by Chris
   Taylor, and it serves as a showcase for some exquisite stop-motion
   animation, which explains why it went on to capture a rather coveted
   International Emmy award, amongst other top prizes.

   The DVD for The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship was released
   by Revelation Films on February 10th. It was previously only available
   as part of a Cosgrove Hall doublebill from Clear Vision, which is rather
   hard to track down now, so its return to DVD is very welcome


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