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   Raymond Briggs' "Ethel & Ernest" is being made into a film by TVC
    Ethel & Ernest and TVC     (14.10.10)


TVC are currently developing an animated adaptation of
   Raymond Briggs' "Ethel & Ernest", and they're inviting us to
   follow their progress on a new blog.

   It's very early days, but that makes it all the more fascinating,
   because we should get to see all the twists and turns of the film's
   development, from conception to completion. That's if they get
   that far. It's still too early to say if the right funding and support
   will even come together...

   Of course, the project is helped somewhat by the fact that
   TVC have a very successful relationship with Raymond
   Briggs that stretches back to their classic adaptation of
   The Snowman. And Father Christmas, The Bear, and
   When the Wind Blows have since followed - all receiving
   worldwide acclaim.

   Ethel & Ernest is an intimate account of the lives of Raymond
   Briggs' parents and it takes us through the ups and downs of
   their 20th century relationship, from the very first seeds of
   romance, on through their decades together, through all the
   joys and pains of their lives as the world evolves and revolves
   around them. Like most of the author's most famous works,
   the story is told in a unique illustrated panel format, but one
   hesitates to refer to it as a graphic novel. Somehow that term
   seems to degrade the book's accomplishments. Like Art
   Speigelman's Maus or Alan moore and Eddie Campbell's
   From Hell, this is one of those works that straddles literary
   genres and defies any pigeonholing. It is a deeply personal,
   moving read, and the film adapatation is bound to bring viewers 
   to tears - both of sadness and joy.

   So what do we know of the film? Well, the blog reveals that
   it's going to be produced by John Coates (can you believe, he'll
   be eighty-three in November!) and directed by Roger Mainwood,
   with Camilla Deakin executive producing. Brenda Blethyn and Jim
   Broadbent look set to take on the voicing roles. Right now, the
   blog offers us background info on all these names, and it
   showcases Mr Briggs, filling in some biographical info and
   best of all, includes photos of the great man at home, hard
   at work at his desk and meeting Mr Mainwood. As regular
   vistors to this site will know, The Hound is particularly fascinated
   by all things Briggsian, which means this really will be
   essential reading over the coming months!
                              More: Ethel & Ernest 
Gentleman Briggs


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