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   The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists
   An Adventure with Oscar
The Pirates! get nominated...

   The hiddeen detail in "A Matter of Loaf and Death"
   Top Bun!
   A Matter of Loaf and Detail...

   The hidden detail in "Curse of the Were-Rabbit"
   Were back!
   The hidden detail in Curse of the

   The hidden detail in "Flushed Away"
   Get flushed!
   The hidden detail in
   Flushed Away...

   "The Dandy: 75 Years of Biffs, Bangs and Banana Skins" at The Cartoon Museum
   A Dandy exhibition
   75 Years of The Dandy...

   Fifty years of BOD!
   Fifty years of BOD
   BOD at fifty...

   "The Adventures of Julius Chancer: The Rainbow Orchid - Vol. 3" by Garen Ewing
   Over the Rainbow
   The adventures concludes!...

   The Magic Ball on DVD
   A trip to Haythornswaite
   The Magic Ball on DVD...

   Fleetway's fun posters scanned and delivered!
   Scanned & delivered
   Fleetway's fun posters...

  New and forthcoming DVD releases


   Arthur Christmas
   The Pirates!
   In an Adventure with Scientists

   The BFG

   The Snowman:
   30th Anniversary Edition


   Arthur Christmas

   The Pirates!
   In an Adventure with Scientists

   Complete Series One

   The BFG

   Hot off da Press

   The Gruffalo
   Double Pack

   Peppa Pig:
   Christmas Show

   Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
   Vol 5: The North Pole

   Horrid Henry's
   Spook-tacular collection


  festivals and events for your diary

   18th-23rd February 2013

  Toonhound's toon news headlines 

   Reflecting on The Snowman...
   One man and his Snowdog...
   The new Snowman film...

   Aardman's advert for Google+
   Dough no!
   Piella Bakewell returns...

   Reflecting on The Snowman...
   Let it snow...
   Reflecting on The Snowman...

   The 2012 Childfren's BAFTAs
   And the BAFTA winners were...
   The awards went to...

   The 2012 Childfren's BAFTA Nominations
   The nominees are...
   2012 Children's BAFTA nominations...

   "Calamity Island" - new from Famouse Flying Films and  Mackinnon & Saunders
   Calamity Island
   A brand-new series for you...

   Robert Harrop's Time Limited Morph & Chas figures
   Morph & Chas!
   Time Limited Aardman figures...

   Morph - Unboxed!
   The Hound gives his verdict...

   John Coates 1927-2012
   John Coates: 1927-2012
   Snowman mentor passes away...

   Robert Harrop's Pirates! figures
   Booty-ful Pirates
   Robert Harrop's Pirates! figures...

   Robin Lyons and Skills Mentors
   Skillful books
   Robin Lyons helps you pitch...

   Make your own Clangers!
   Clang on, purl two
   Make your own Clangers...

   A Great opening ceremony at the Olympics
   A Great opening ceremony
   Brit toons at the Olympics...


   Children's BAFTA awards 2011
   Children's BAFTA awards
   The winners for 2011 were...

   Previously:  2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

  Iconic original and limited edition artwork from "Art You Grew Up With"!

Toonhound's Top Ten Toon Lists

   Toonhound's Top 10 Toon Terrors!
   Top 10 Toon Terrors
   A spooky list for Halloween!...

    Toonhound's Top Ten TvToons of the Noughties
Top 10 Toons
The Hound's favourite series
    of the Noughties...
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

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The Hound says...
   "It's been a quiet Summer, toon-wise, but the Autumn/Winter
schedule is
    shaping up nicely. In particular Aardman's Pirates! have just arrived on Blu-ray
    and DVD, with a new short film to boot. And Arthur Christmas is on his way.
    It's rare we get even one animated movie to discuss round these parts, so
    having two from the same studio, within a couple of months of each other
    - well - that's something special, isn't it?

    Speaking of Christmas, this year it's going to be very snowy and special
    indeed, because it's the 30th anniversary of that TVC classic The Snowman.
    What's more, we're getting a brand new film, to celebrate
. There's a whole
    lot riding on that one, for sure, and the recent death of John Coates certainly
    adds an extra poignancy to everything. The word is, however, that the new
    story is already melting hearts. Have they bottled lightning twice? - We'll find
    out very soon..."

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