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British TV series

    Woof is a sort of dog from Roger Hargreaves' "Timbuctoo" in the Carlton TV/Flicks Films series of the same name

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Timbuctoo    (1997-1998)
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producers: Flicks Films
                      for Carlton Television
2D animation
      episodes: 26 x 5min


    The island of Timbuctoo plays host to 26 anthropomorphised animals, each
    of whom take their name from the noises they make. Hence we have a sort
    of dog called Woof, a sort of cat called Meow, a sort of cow called Moo,
    and - well - you get the idea. There's a full list of characters for you, below.
    Each character stars in their own wee story, and many of their pals pop
    up in each other's stories, enhancing the whole community feel. And what
    a snuggly community this is. Each critter gets their very own episode in which
    a problem is solved or an issue resolved, with the help of their pals.

    If the concept feels a little familiar, that's because Timbuctoo was created
    by Roger Hargreaves, he of Misterland fame, and these characters first
    appeared in a series of books published in 1978-1979. The book format
    followed that of the Mr Men too, namely, small square collectable publications,
    each featuring a resident animal on a white background, with their titular
    name above. Oh, and the characters wear little bowler hats and tan coloured
    brogues, just like their predecessors.

    The animated series reached our tv screens in 1997, and familiarity looms
    large here, as well, because it was produced by Terry Ward and his Flicks
    Films, who had already brought the Mr Men and those Little Misses to life.
    Ronnie Corbett stepped in as our storyteller/narrator, this time around.
    Originally, there were only 25 Timbuctoo book stars, but tv schedulers in the
    UK are very keen on 13 episode commissions, and multiples thereof. Thus a
    new - erm - Timbuctooian took to the screen in the form of Bray, who's a
    sort of donkey.

    People too, in Timbuctoo

    Actually, to say that Timbuctoo is an island full of mery animals isn't really true.
    There are a few humans here, popping up in the tales. There's the Timbuctoo
    Wizard, for starters, the Timbuctoo Farmer and a Timbuctoo Postman...


    Don't get confused now. Timbuctu is a famous city in Mali, and Timbuctoo,
 is a famous gold mining town. And there are no talking animals in
    either location...

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   "Timbutoo" from Carlton TV/Flicks Films


   The stars of Timbuctoo aren't quite animals or people. They're sort of

   Baa is a sort of sheep
           Meow is a sort of cat
is a sort of goat           Moo is a sort of cow
is a sort of donkey         Neigh is a sort of horse
is a sort of bee               Oink is a sort of pig
is a sort of monkey    Puff is a sort of panda
is a sort of bird            Quack is a sort of duck
is a sort of chicken       Roar is a sort of lion
is a sort of frog            Snap is a sort of crocodile
   Grizzle a sort of bear
            Sniff is a sort of rabbit
is a sort of tiger           Squawk is a sort of parrot
is a sort of snake          Squeak is a sort of mouse
is a sort of seal             Trumpet is a sort of elephant
is a sort of owl            Woof is a sort of dog

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   Episode titles

   Series One

   Neigh Finds a New Home
   Honk Goes Swimming
   Snap Learns a New Game
   Cluck Gets a Letter
   Moo Has a Birthday Party

   Chirp Learns to Fly
   Croak Learns to Swim
   Oink and the Big Apple
   Squeak Has a Big Day out
   Bleat Takes the Ball by the Horns
   Grizzle Gets the Giggles
   Hoot Slips Up at Question Time
   Meow Goes Fishing

   Series Two

   Woof has Forgotten How to Bark
   Hiss is Hopping Mad
   Chatter and His Long Tail
   Puff Buys Some Paint
   Roar Sets Out to Frighten Timbuctoo
   Trumpet Goes to the Seaside
   Quack Dreams of a New Beak
   Buzz is a Very Busy Bee
   Growl Has a Fright
   Baa Goes shopping
   Sniff Runs Out of Carrots
   Bray Sleeps Through Christmas
   Squawk Joins the Choir


     Timbuctoo on DVD

     Sadly, the series isn't currently available on disc...


     by Roger Hargreaves

    director & producer:    Terry Ward
    executive producer:    John Marsden

    music:                        Mark London, Francis Haines
    scripts:                       Richard Everett

    layout artist:              Janet Nunn
    animation:                  Dee Honeybun, Dennis Hunt,
                                     Bill Lee, Mike Lodge, Reg Lodge,
                                     Geoff Loynes, Barry Parker,
                                     Steve Roberts, Tony Walters
    storyboard &
     background design:
   Terry Ward
    design consultant:      Adam Hargreaves
    computer operators:   Wayne Alexander, Andy Dixon,
                                     Dominic Houldey, Rachael King,
                                     Paul Taberer, Tania Ward
    track reading:             Ken Morgan
    dubbing mixer:           Nigel Edwards
             Gavin Nicolls
    computer supervisor:  Andy Dixon
    character voices
     & narration:
                Ronnie Corbett


     On the web

      Mr Men Info
      Peter Gray is a BIG fan of Roger & Adam Hargreaves, and
      you'll find more on all the Hargreaves' creations on his tidy blog...

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