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British TV series

   "Timmy Time" from Aardman Animations

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Timmy Time
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Aardman Animations Ltd
                      for CBeebies / BBC
    animation: stop-motion animation

                             SERIES ONE
                             2009 / 26 x 10mins

                             SERIES TWO
                             2010 / 26 x 10mins
                             SERIES THREE                 
                             2011 / 26 x 10mins

                             TIMMY'S CHRISTMAS SURPRISE
                             2011 / 30mins

    "He's the little lamb with a lot to learn..."                 

    Timmy is a frisky young lamb who attends a daily Nursery in a big bright barn
    building, and every day is action-packed and full of surprises as he and his
    animal pals learn about the wide world around them. Their grown-up teachers,
    Harriet Heron and Osbourne Owl guide them through the ups and downs
    of life and learning, with lots of fun, frolics, tears and tantrums on the way.

    It's a simple premise, then, for Aardman Animation's first ever preschool
    production. But the series is triumphant in its execution. "Timmy Time" is
    set in a colourful nursery landscape, and the animals communicate via an
    exchange of brilliant bleats and oinks and quacks. They laugh and cajole,
    they sparr and compete, quibble and quarrel - just like real kids. But what
    ever happens, they're always friends again, come the end of the day.
    There's some super character work on display here - each of the youngsters
    has their own particular affectation or foible - and Timmy's big grinning
    bleat is just super. Once you throw in Mike Stobbie's bouncy singalong
    theme tune, well, you have a completely perfect preschool toon...


    "Timmy Time" is actually a spin-off from a spin-off. Young Timmy first stole
    the show as a secondary character in Aardman's multi-award winning series
    "Shaun the Sheep", which in turn was derived from Shaun's co-starring role
    in the Academy Award winning Wallace & Gromit film A Close Shave.

» The series was created and produced by Jackie Cockle (Bob the Builder,
        Pingu, Cockleshell Bay, Oakie Doke, Brambly Hedge, and many more...)
» Timmy and his pals take a "Walking Bus" to school, during the credits.
        They form a line, with Osbourne Owl up front and Harriet Heron minding
        their rear, and march off in time to the show's theme tune....


    In the news

     Timmy is special
     Timmy at the Children's BAFTAs



     2010 - Children's BAFTA - Best Preschool Animation


    "Timmy Time" from Aardman Animations

Timmy's Nursery pals
Mittens (kitten)
Apricot (hedgehog)
Yabba (duckling)

Paxton (piglet)

Stripey (badger cub)
Finlay (fox)
Otus (owl)

Ruffy (puppy dog)

Kid (goat)

Bumpy (caterpillar)

Timmy's Teachers
Harriet Heron
Osbourne Owl

    broadcast info

     The first episode, "Timmy's Jigsaw" premiered on CBeebies on
     6th April 2009, at 9.00am...

Series One
Timmy's Jigsaw
Timmy's Hiccup Cure
Timmy Wants to Win
Timmy the Artist
Timmy Can't Dance
Timmy Says Sorry
Timmy Steals the Show
Timmy Wants the Beret
Timmy Wants the Blues
Timmy Plays Ball

Timmy's Picnic
Timmy Tries to Hide
Timmy on Wheels
Snapshot Timmy
Timmy Goes Bang
Timmy Afloat
Timmy Gets the Job Done
Timmy Needs a Bath
Timmy Wants the Drum
Go Kart Timmy
Timmy the Train
Timmy's Puppet
Timmy the Builder
Timmy Brings a Smile
Timmy's Mask
Timmy's Spring Surprise

Series Three
Timmy Makes Music
Beep Beep Timmy
Doctor Timmy
Timmy's Cookie
Timmy's Big Search
Baby Time Timmy
immy Finds Aliens
Ballerina Timmy
Boing Boing Timmy
Timmy in Tune
Timmy Makes it Shine
Fireman Timmy
Timmy and the Balloon
Timmy and the Super Rabbit
Squeaky Timmy
Timmy's Eggheads
Timmy on Safari
Timmy Shapes Up
Timmy and the Dragon
Timmy's Bouncy Friend
Timmy's Twin
Timmy the Hero
Fix It Timmy
Timmy and the Kite
Timmy's Castle
Timmy's Scrapbook
Series Two
Timmy Learns Magic
Sticky Timmy
Timmy Gets Spooked
Sweet Dreams Timmy
Timmy Learns to Fly
Timmy Finds Treasure
Timmy the Postman
Timmy's Truck
Timmy Rings the Bell
Timmy's Tractor
Timmy's New Friend
Timmy's Birthday
Timmy's Plane
Tidy Timmy
Timmy Bounces Back
Timmy's Tins
Timmy the Robot
Timmy's Treasure Trail
Timmy Goes Camping
Timmy's Pet Problem
Count on Timmy
Timmy Makes a Splash
Timmy's Snowball
Timmy's Snowman
Timmmy Slips Up
Timmy's Monster

+ Timmy's Christmas Surprise
   (half-hour special)


     UK DVD  

Timmy Time on DVD

     There's a five disc box set available:

Timmy Time - Vols 1-5
     Region 2 / five discs / 2 Entertain / November 2010

 And currently, we have had eight individual releases:

     Timmy Time: Vol 8 - Doctor Timmy
     Timmy Time: Vol 7 - Timmy's Snowy Fun
Timmy Time: Vol 6 - Timmy's Birthday
Timmy Time: Vol 5 - Timmy Finds Treasure
Timmy Time: Vol 4 - Timmy's Plane
Timmy Time: Vol 3 - Timmy's Spring Surprise
Timmy Time: Vol 2 - Timmy The Train
Timmy Time: Vol 1 - Snap Shot Timmy


    Aardman Animations Ltd
    for CBeebies/BBC

    created and produced by Jackie Cockle
creative director for
aardman broadcast:
executive producer
for cbeebies:
executive producers for
aardman animations ltd:

line producer:

script editor:

character design:
character development:
production design
& art direction:
assistant art director/
senior set dresser:

model making:

model maintenance:


set dressing:
set dresser/rigger:


lighting design:

lighting camera:
camera assistants:

assistant editor:
foley artists:

online editor:
sound design:
dubbing mixers:

floor manager:
production assistants:

Dave Scanlon, Liz Whitaker

Richard Goleszowski

Kay Benbow
Miles Bullough, David Sproxton,
Peter Lord, Nick Park
Sarah Fell
Peter Reeves, Karen Wallace, 
Wayne Jackman, Dave Ingham, 
Di Redmond, Julie Middleton,
Steve Middleton, Chris Parker
Richard Hansom
Mike Stobbie
Andy Janes, Rob Richards, Les Eaves,
Vivienne Heath, Kate Charlesworth
David Vinicombe
Dave Osmand

Richard Edmunds

James Held
Jan Sanger, Amanda Darby,
James Young, Andrew Gordon,
Chris Brock, Kevin Wright,
Jim Parkyn, Kate Anderson,
Rhodri Lovett, Gill Bliss,
Nancy Jones, Debbie Smith,
Nicola Howells, Andrew Trim,
James D Wilson, Kizie Bishop,
Arlene Arrell, Michele Pouncey,
Shannon O'Neill, Leigh Manning

Sion Lane Workshops
Jeff Cliff Model Effects
David Haworth, Lucy Beckett,
Darren Goodhead, Ade Sims
Laura Savage
Richard Modlen
Michael Green, Tom Sewell
John Chorlton, Oli Putland, Jacky Howson,
Jason Comley, Laurie Sitzia Hammond,
Nick Herbert, Gareth Love, Tine Kluth,
Steve Cox, Yago Alvarez, Terry Brain,
Julia Peguet
Sam James
Andrew Lincoln
Beth MacDonald, Jason Harris
Adam Vernon
Rob Francis
Dan Hembery
Ben Jones, Paul Donovan,
David Yapp, Brian Moseley, Richard Hinton
Eldon Snelgrove
Will Norie, Gary McIntyre 
Brian Moseley, Chris Domaille

Sarah Powell
Ellen Collins
Jody Ware, Imogen Haigh
Kate Harbour
Justin Fletcher
Louis Jones


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      Timmy Time 
      The official site...

      The producers web site...

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