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British TV series
       Tiny Planets - Bing and Bong

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Tiny Planets    (2001 - 2003)
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producers: Pepper's Ghost &
Sesame Workshop
CGI animation
      episodes: 65 x 5min


"Bing and Bong, there's a tiny planet calling..."

   Bing and Bong are a pair of friendly furry aliens. Bing is the big one, with big ideas
   and a big pouch full of handy gadgets and gizmos. His pal Bong scuttles around
   on four legs. He's keen to explore and always on the go.

   Each time we meet Bing and Bong, they're about to be catapaulted in to space on
   their interstellar sofa, to visit one of a scattering of fantastic Tiny Planets in the
   Tiny Universe. And once there, the duo help the peculiar inhabitants to solve
   their little problems and conundrums and generally keep their worlds ticking
   along smoothly. Neither Bing, nor Bong or their alien pals speak. Instead they
   communicate via a universal language of grunts, chitters, hoots and squeaks.
   Bing's voice is deep. Bong's lighter. Interpretation is clear and simple, but even
   so, in the USA a walking narrator called Halley is present, just in case we
   need things made clearer.

   "Tiny Planets" is a joy. T'is a simple educational concept, beautifully delivered.
   The accent here is on fun and the stimulation of young minds. The problems are
   ably solved, with a few  trials and hiccups on the way. You can't fail to fall for the
   the stars, with their friendly faces and charming mannerisms. The production was
   a joint effort for then-newcomers Pepper's Ghost, here in the UK, and the Sesame.
   Workshop in America - they of "Sesame Street"  fame, of course.

   Anyone who's seen the show knows that there's one other ingredient to its success.
   It comes in the form a a fantastic, funky title song from Alan Coates and Kim Goody,
   guaranteed to climb in your head at return to haunt you, usually at the most
   inopportune moment!

   This £4m production was billed as being the first CGI series to feature fur-covered
   stars. Production of the show lasted  twenty months, with each episode taking four
   weeks to animate (two weeks to set up, two weeks to render, plus additional
   modeling time for the series as a whole).

» Series producer Richard Morrs is now the Creative Director for Banjax Digital
      Animation in Belfast. "Tiny Planets" director Alistair McIlwain is also there, as
      Director of Animation. Alistair's extensive animation CV includes work on the likes
      of Roobarb,  Noah and Nelly, "Heavy Metal" and "Budgie, the Little Helicopter".
      He also directed all thirteen episodes of Juniper Jungle.

» Technical Director Ben Lock has since completed a couple of short films for
       Aardman and worked as a coordinator for Animated Encounters...


    Those Tiny Planets...

    The Planet of Self

    A race track sits atop this world - useful for learning about health
    and fitness and general well-being.

    The Planet of Stuff

    A geometric realm, with big cubes and pyramids, perfect for
    exploring numbers, symmetry and shapes.

    The Planet of Light and Colour

    A planet of multicoulerd rocks and pools, colour swatches and shadows.

    The Planet of Sound

    Everything on this "groovy" world makes a sound, so Bing and Bong
    get to experiment with acoustics, music and rythmn.

    The Planet of Technology

    A metallic landscape, with lots of gizmos, gadgets, springs, cogs, pulleys
    and structures to explore.

    The Planet of Nature

    Four seasons in one world here, with mountains and green grass and
    a purple tree, and a kaleidsocope of weather patterns.

    Those Tiny Inhabitants...

    Sociable long-necked fellows in various shades, who like to congregate and
    ponder. Thankfully for them Bing and Bong are at hand to unravel their ponderings
    and problems.

Little egg-like beings with antennae. They like to bounce, blink and squeak a lot.
    And they too have lots of problems which need solving.

    The Robots
They keep each Tiny Planet functioning and shipshape. Or at least, they try.
    Thankfully, Bing and Bong are here to help when things go awry.

    Asteroid Fish
    Gulping orange space fish who live between the Tiny Planets.



     Thanks to YouTube, we can now sing along with Bing and Bong.
     This is the extended version of their theme song:



    Tiny Planets episodes

     Making Rainbows
     On the Right Track                 
 Body Talk
     Night Light Sleep Tight
             Be a Sport
     Mirror Magic
                           Road Block
     Easy Rider                             Moving and Grooving
     That's What Friends Are For
      Gone with the Wind
     Tools, Glorious Tools                Sweet Temptations
     Keep Your Head                      Slipperry Slopes
     Box of Tricks                          Suits You
     Tip the Scales
                        Rhythm and Moods
     Magnificent Seven                  A Chorus Line
     The Fisher Bing                      Egg-stra Large
     Peddle Meddle                        Love is all you need
     Everyone's a Winner 



     2002 World Media Festival, Hamburg - Gold Award for Children's Animation
     2001 Interactive BAFTA - Best Entertainment Website
     2001 World Animation Celebration, California - Silver Award


    Tiny Planets on DVD


Tiny Planets: Bing and Bong's Big Adventures
     Region 2 / Carlton / May 2003

     Tiny Planets: Bing and Bong's Chills and Thrills
     Region 2 / Carlton / September 2003

     Tiny Planets: Explore and Discover with Bing and Bong
     Region 2 / Granada / October 2005


     Tiny Planets: Bing Bong Bell and Other Adventures

     Region 1 / Studio Works / October 2003

     Tiny Planets: Making Rainbows and Other Adventures
     Region 1 / Studio Works / October 2003


        dev exec:
        exec producer:
        anim producer:
        prod designer:
        technical director:
        original designs:
        design team:  
        snr modelling

          & lighting des:

        prod technicians:
        design co-ord:
        original music:
        script co-ord:                       
        line producers:      
        studio prod man:
        prod coords:  
        prod assistants:                

        snr animators:
        post vfx
          & rendering:

        prod accountant:
        prod secretary:

        vp of research:
        research team:

Alastair McIlwain
Richard Morrs

Antony Hatfield

Paul J Michael (Pepper's Ghost)

Nina Elias Bamberger (Seasame Workshop)

Dana Church
David J Aldred
Ben Lock (+ Head of Digital Production for 30 eps)
Ed Taylor
Steve Woods (Senior)
Kay Barton (colours & textures)
Emil Sergiev (characters) 

Chris Thomas
Carlos Poon, Michael Dove, Gavin Gibbons
Helen Wu

Alan Coates, Kim Goody

Richard Morrs, Elly Brewer, Antony Hatfield,
Andrew Prendergast, Dashiell Tate
Kerry Gill-Pryde, Fiona Hurd,
Fiona Finlay
Aisling O'Brien-Hall, Andrew Peters

Aisling O'Brien-Hall

Cindy McCraw Dircks,
Helen Cassidy-Harris
Darren Green, Emma Legon,
John Finlayson
Alastair McIlwain, Jez Hall, Paul Gunson,
Shaun Magher, Vince James, Christopher Clarke,

Dave King, Chris Glynn, Mad Dogs, Ian Banks,
Anna Brockett

Simon Thistlethwaite, Gordon Chapman,

David Cathro,
Avi Goodman, Adrian Pinder, Stuart Haskayne,
Darran Woods, Trevor Dalton, Darren Green,

Yasumiko Cindy Lo, Jon Jones,
Dana Church,
Maarten Heinstra, Adrian Shipp, Neil Hall
Adam Coglan, Rov Fellows, Damian Johnston

Neil Glasbey, Yasumiko Cindy Lo, Cecile Plattner,
Adam Coglan, Emil Segiev, Brad Noble, Trevor Dalton,

Peter Panton, Maarten Heinstra,  Jon Jones,
Nathalie Jean-Bart, Rob Fellows, James Dawson,

Anette Skinnarland Green,  Jonathan Allen,

Damon Tasker,

Stuart Haskayne, Darran Woods, Avi Goodman,

Adrian Pinder, Chris Thomas, Darren Green,

Adrian Shipp, Chris Thomas, Neil Hall, Rob Andrew,

Carlos Poon, Michael Dove, Emma Legon,
J Fraser Mansell, Gavin Gibbons, Brad Noble,
David Cathro

Justin Hall, Anette Skinnarland Green,

Kay Barton, Sandra Guarda, Cecile Plattner,

Brad Noble, Kate Kaerrigan 

Samantha Hatton-Brown

John Finlayson

Lilian O'Loughnane

Jennifer Shulman, Gael Levin

Kim Goody (Bong, Halley)

Dashiell Tate (Bing)


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