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British Movie Toons
A Tale of Two Toads

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  A Tale of Two Toads   (1989)
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  producers: Cosgrove Hall Productions
stop-motion animation
     run time: 52 mins



    Oh dear! - Poor Toad has been kidnapped. The blighter has been strung
    up and incarcerated in the cellars of Toad Hall, whilst an imposter has taken
    up residence on the Riverbank. And worse still, this scallywag has made
    friends with those dastardly weasels and they're hatching a plan to blow
    up the homes of
Badger, Rat and Mole. If they succeed, Toad's friends
    will be driven away for good, leaving these scarbrous fellows free to
    run amok with their prisoner's wealth....

    This is a second feature-length slice of adventure from the Riverbank, courtesy
    of Cosgrove Hall, and it's very much the mixture as before. Beautiful sets,
    wonderful puppets, the perfect voice cast, and a timeless film to cherish.
    Having already established the characters and settings in their previous
    outings, the film makers are able to jump straight into the story, and
    allow David Jason, who voices Toad so supremely, free reign to blather
    and babble for all he's worth.

    The film served as an entree to Oh! Mr Toad", an all-new title for what
    was, in effect, the fifth season of "The Wind in the Willows". Only in this
    new series, the accent was - again - very much focused on Toad who was,
    by now, well established as the run-away star of the show.

    Unless you've been living down a burrow all your life, you will surely know
    that Toad, Rat, Mole, Badger, Toad Hall and the Riverbank all spawned
    from the pen of Kenneth Grahame and his classic Edwardian story of
    "The Wind in the Willows". Many film maklers have visited the Riverbank
    over the years, but none have caught the mood so perfectly as messrs
    Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall and their multi-talented team...

» The film takes its title from another classic novel - that being "A Tale
        of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. But you knew that already, right?


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     A Tale of Two Toads on DVD

     USA DVD The Wind in the Willows: A Tale of Two Toads
                Region 1 / A&E Home Video / March 2006


            Jackie Cockle
    producers:          Mark Cosgrove, Brian Hall
    exec prod:          John Hambley
    writer:                Brian Trueman
                              inspired by Kenneth Grahame's
                              "Wind in the Willows"
    voices:               Ian Carmichael (narrator)
                             Richard Pearson (Mole)
                             Sir Michael Hordern (Badger)
                             David Jason (Toad)
                             Peter Sallis (Rat)
                             Beryl Reid
                             Una Stubbs
                             Edward Kelsey
                             Daphne Oxenford
                             Jonathan Cecil
                             Brian Trueman
                             Alan Bardsley


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