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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
"Little Red Tractor" from the Little Entertainment Company / Entertainment Rights

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  Red Tractor
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    producers: Little Entertainment Company
                     for Entertainment Rights
stop-motion animation
      episodes: 75 x 10mins

   "Little Red Tractor, he's King of the Field!"

    Welcome to the country idyll of Babblebrook. It's where you'll find Gosling
    Farm with Stan, Patch the dog and their mechanical pal, the Little Red Tractor.
    Jasper Jones lives at nearby Beech Farm, with Big Blue and Harvey the combine
    harvester. There's Beech Garage with Walter and Nicola and Sparky the tow-truck.
    Amy lives at Rose Cottage, then there's the oh-so theatrical Skip Shutter and
    the super-competitive Mr Turvey and his long-suffering wife. Oh, and gamboling
    around the farm land are the Turvey kids Ryan and Amy. And then there's that
    accident-prone miller Stumpy with his erratic blue quad bike Nipper. He
    lives with Elsie at the Babblebrook Windmill, and he's a larger-than-life country
    character, so he is...
    Well, suffice it to say, there are a lot of friends around town. And that means
    life in Babblebrook is never dull, for man or machine.
Which explains why
    there are some 80 episodes of this shiny series to savour.

    "Little Red Tractor" has been brought to life here by the folks at the
    Little Entertainment Company, who previously put the doggy-breathe into
    Merlin the Magical Puppy. It's a great production, with lots of little character
    quirks and detail to really make the stars shine. And some fine voice work
    too, most notably from Derek Griffiths (BOD).

    This being a shiny modern show, there's a shiny modern message
    hidden within the production. And that's the fact that you don't have to
    be the biggest to be the best. You see, although he's somewhat smaller
    and older than his hi-tech pals, Little Red Tractor invariably shines in the
    face of adversity and saves the day.

    And as the series has continued, so the Babblebrook population has
    expanded. Mr Jones' nephew Thomas has joined the team (he arrived
    in the episode The Town Boy). Likewise, there's young Leo at the
    garage. Plus there have been new animals and vehicles including a
    traction engine, motorbike with side car and even a llama!

» Our pals Stan and the Little Red Tractor are actually older than you might
        think. They first appeared in a series of storybooks by Colin Reeder, with
        text by Elizabeth Laird, published back in 1990...

» In 1993, Colin's watercolour pictures were brought to life in Little Red Tractor
        Stories. They were gentler tales, told with some rustic charm. Here in this
        latest incarnation, there's more noise and bustle and business, but the
        charm's still there, in spades...


    Stumpy and Nipper from Little Entertainment's "Little Red Tractor"

    Oh, Stumpy!

    Stumpy is a bit of a cult figure in Babblebrook, with his matching big knitt
    sweater and muttonchop hair. He's the one always getting in to bother.
    and he's hopless when it comes to riding Nipper. All too often he'll tug
    so hard on the brakes that he gets thrown over the handlebars!

    We're always learning new things about this man of the country. Like the
    fact that he has bunions that throb when rain is imminent (Row Yer Boat)
    He can apparently play bass guitar (Thunder and Lightning), and he
    was once mistaken for a mencaing beast (The Beast of Babblebrook)...

   "There was an old Miller who lived on a hill,
    A happy old fellow who loved his old mill,
    And if he's not left it, then he'll be there stiiiiilllll,
    A millin' his flour -"

                                            - Stumpy's Mill Song
                                               (cut short by Elsie)


    Broadcast info

    The series premiered on CBBC2 and CBeebies
    on 5th January 2004....


Little Red Tractor episode titles

     The Big Bang                          Glorious Mud
     The Ladder                             The New Addition
     The Gold Cup                          The Treehouse
     Little Red Tractor's Birthday       Traction Trouble
     Making Hay                             Gone With the Wind
     The Lucky Day                        Llama Drama
     Berries                                   Read All About It
     Mr Fixit                                  Marrow Mangler
     Flying                                    Buried Treasure
     Garage Sale                           The Ghost of Tawny Owl Wood
     Windy Day                             The Beech Farm Flyer
     Tiger Tiger                             Paperchase
     Farm of the Year                     Molehills and Windmills

     The Dam                                May Day
     Silence of the Cows                 Scrambled Eggs
     The Big Sneeze                       
Farm Games
     Secret Den                             Double Trouble
     Mr Big                                    Hot, Hot, Hot
     The Detectives                        Cheesed Off
     Rooftops                                 Magic Hat
     Winter Lights                           Thunder and dancing
     Dog Gone                                Row Yer Boat
     Bye Bye Blue                            Lost
     Enter the Dragon                      Up, Up and Away
     Water, Water                           One Potato, Two Potato...
     The Party                                The Show Must Go On
     The Beast of Babblebrook           Furry Jumper
     The New Engine                        Topsy Turvy
     Circles in the Corn                     The Map
     The Town Boy                          Run!!
     Spuds                                     Movie Madness
     Little Red Rocker                      The Hill


    Stan & The Little Red Tractor from Corgi


     This being a shiny series made with a big playing rights firm, there are lots of
     tie-in toys and goiddies to track down. Most notably, Ladybird have published
     a number of LRT books, and Corgi have produced a terrific line of vehicles
     and figures...

» Little Red Tractor toys at


     UK DVD  Little Red Tractor on DVD

      Little Red Tractor - Let's Go
      Region 2 / 6 eps / Universal / October 2004

      Little Red Tractor - Happy Birthday

      Region 2 / 6 eps / Universal / April 2005

      Little Red Tractor - Enter the Dragon

      Region 2 / 6 eps / Universal / July 2005

      Little Red Tractor - Glorious Mud

      Region 2 / 6 eps / Universal / October 2005

      Little Red Tractor - Winter Lights

      Region 2 / 6 eps / Universal / November 2005

      Little Red Tractor - Hot Hot Hot!

      Region 2 / 6 eps / Universal / July 2006

      Little Red Tractor - One Potato, Two Potato...

      Region 2 / 6 eps / Revelation / June 2008

      Little Red Tractor - Topsy Turvy
      Region 2 / 6 eps / Revelation / April 2010

      Little Red Tractor Collection

      Winter Lights + Let's Go + Happy Birthday / Universal / Sept 2009


     based on an original idea
     by Colin Reeder and Peter Tye

     series director:
        Russell Haigh
    producer:                 Keith Littler

    exec producers:       Theresa Plummer-Andrews (BBC)
                                   Oliver Ellis (Ent. Rights)
                                   Ian Gordon (Track)
    writers:                    Russell Haigh, Jimmy Hibbert,
                                   Keith Littler, James Mason
    LRT theme:               Michael Cross, Stan Cullimore
                                   performed by Stephen Tompkinson
    dir of animation:        Dave Scanlon
    animators:                Laurie Sitzia, Grant Maisey
    model shop
                 Martin Adamson
    puppets:                   Roger Tarry, Richard Modlen,
                                    Chloe Downs, Jo Emberson
    vehicle des. 
     & construction:
         Kieron Thomas
    set design
     & construction:
          Rupert Lampard
    costume design
     & props:
                   Louise Benton
    d.o.p:                        James Lampard
    lighting camera:         Mark Pullon
    studio co-ord:            Samuel Stevens
    storyboards:              Vincent James
    prod accountant:        Angela Dunn
    assistant:                  Nikki Brisland
    bus affairs manager:  Tony Church
    asst to the prod:         Ellen Collins
    prod assists:              Samuel Stevens, Samantha Hawkes,
                                     Charlotte Acton
    incidental music:        Michael Cross
    audio post-prod:        Jon Fox, Ruth Matthews
    editor:                       Fred Tay
    voices:                      Stephen Tompkinson (Stan)
                                     Derek Griffiths (Mr Jones / Walter)
                                    Jimmy Hibbert (Stumpy)
                                    Beth Chalmers
                                    Shireen Shah
                                    Florence Jones
                                    Euan Dick
                                    Stewart Majkowski
                                    Francis Maloney
                                    Jack Metcalf


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      The Little Entertainment Group
      Keith Littler's production company....

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