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British TV series
Upstairs Downstairs Bears


     producers: Scottish Television / CINAR
                       in co-production with
                       Egmont Imagination
stop-motion animation
       episodes: 26 x 10mins

The Bosworths and the Bumbles are two families of Edwardian teddy bears
    who dwell at number 49 Theodore Square, a most elegant townhouse abode.
    Freddie and Henrietta Bosworth dwell "upstairs" with their family with the
    Bumbles "downstairs". The series is based upon the best-selling books by
    author and artist Carol Lawson. Inspiration for the project apparently stems
    from her having come across a "downstairs" bear dressed as a maid, which
    got her imagination running.

    "Upstairs Downstairs Bears" takes its cue from the seventies ITV drama
    "Upstairs, Downstairs" which starred real-life husband-and-wife Pauline Collins
    and John Alderton. The series puppets and environment were constructed
    at Egmont Imagination's HQ in Denmark before being shipped to FilmFair's
    studio in London, where the shows were filmed. With its period set details,
    golden brown shades and soft, sepia light this little show evokes just the
    right Edwardian atmosphere...

    Carol Lawson's "Upstairs Downstairs Bears" books include:

     The Upstairs Downstairs Bears on Holiday  
     The Upstairs Downstairs Bears at Christmas
     The Upstairs Downstairs Bears Summer
     The Upstairs Downstairs Bears: The Teddy Bear Hunt

    Even before the series commission the books had given rise to a busy industry
    of associated apparel, like collectible figures, cross-stitch kits and jigsaw


  Series One
The Magic Hat
The Lost Kite
Mrs Bumbles Birthday
Henrietta's Cleaning Day Story
Bears That Go Bump in the Night
The Family Portrait
The Telephone
The Chimney Sweep
The Lovely Day Outing
The Music Lesson & Missing Things
The Treasure Hunt
An Abundance of Peas
Wash Day
Series Two
Arthur's Art Attack
A Visit From Aunt Agatha
Fix-it Freddy
The Bring and Buy Sale
The Last Card
Who's Calling 
Jumping to Conclusions
The Singing Contest
The Pantomime at No.49
Babysitting Baby Arthur
A Winter's Day
Christmas Bears


    created and devised by Carol Lawson
     in association with Gresham Films

executive producers:
FilmFair producer:
line producer:
supervising producer:
supervising director: 
animation director:
script editor:
script consultant:
voice director:
talent cordinator:

art directors:
orignial music score:
opening theme:

production manager:
key set builder:

modelbuilders assistants:


puppets armatures:

puppet fabrication:
puppet assistant:

props buyer:

directors of photography:

puppets maintenance:
scenic artist:
production manager:
art dept coordinators:

production assistant:
film editor:
production accountant:
studio assistants:

post-production services:
post-production producer:
post-production director:
post-production supervisor:
video supervisor:
sound supervisor:
post-production coordinator:
sound effects editor:
dialogue editor:
music editor:
assistant dialogue editor:
foley artists:

recording engineers:

re-recording engineers:

audio assistants:

video editors:

video assistants:
production executives:
legal & financial counsel:
legal counsel:
production accountant:

Elizabeth Partyka, Poul Kofod, David Ferguson
Charlotte Damgaard, Cassandra Schafhausen
Kath Yelland
Lesley Taylor
Natalie Dumoulin
John Ellis
Dan Sharp
Jennifer Lupinacci
Cecilie Olrik
Debra Toffan
Andrew Gryn
Jennifer Lupinacci, Jeanne Willis,
Peter Hynes, Sally Ann Lever,
Mike James Kath Yelland,
Simon Jowett
Steven Riley, Lars Nielsen
Jeff Fisher
Mark Giannetti

Imagination Production - Denmark

Erik Wilstrup
Karen Maarbjerg
Ole Paikjaer Bak
Hans peter Ludvigsen, Anders Jonsson,
Hans Jorgen Meyer Ibsen, Joakim Weylandt,
Michael Leith Hansen, Michael Trost,
Suzan Sondergaard Nielsen
Andreas Pank Jensen, Andreas S Henriksen,
Kristoffer Bruun Kelstrup
Martin Schioler, Johanne Lyke,
Andrew Crisp, Rikke Bjerre
Lars Kirchhoff Aagesen, Roger Whiter,
Lauge Voigt
Annette Rolfshoj
Signe Sejlund
Inger Juel Hansen,
Stine Gudmundsen-Holmgreen,
Jane Marshall Whittaker
Kasper Feldt
Niels Valentin Dal Hansen
Annica Stromquist, Anders Haldin,
Lisa Moller, Siri Vilbol

FilmFair Animation - UK

Peter Ellmore, James Lewis
Chris Mendham, Jason Stalman,
Grant Maisey, Chris Tichborne,
Timon Downdeswell, Anthony Darlington,
Tony Farquar Smith, Ben Halliwell
Joy Edmonds
Barry Jones
Portia Wilson
Katy Maxwell, Sophie Brown,
Megan Watkins
Alison Fryer
Sara Sender
Alison Clarke
Chris Kane, Ben Weller

Cinar Studios Inc.
Francois Deschamps
Peter Alves
Julie Pelletier
Joey Vekteris
Denis Saindon
Marie-Andree Bedard
Mario Choquette
Daisy Goldstein
Steve Wener
Jennifer Poirier
Diane Vezina, Alexis Farand,
Karla Baumgardner, Elana Medicoff
Pierre Bourcier, John Nestorowich,
Luc Pellerin, Mario Rubnikowich
Pierre L'Abbe, Benoit Coallier,
Jocelyn Daqust, Stephane Bergeron
Eric Vistalli, Phillippe Pelletier,
Marie-Pierre Lacombe, Katherine Poirier
Luc Beliveau, Maude Favreau,
Michel Simard, Martin Celestino
Julie Campeau, Stephanie Lemieux
Marie-Josee Corbeil, Andrew Porporino
Anne Jorgensen
Mark Chernin
Lucie Touchette
Harry Hill (Barker Bumble)
Kathleen Flaherty (Betsy Bumble)
Oliver Grainger (Henry)
Sonja Ball
Emma Isherwood
Sally Isherwood
Michael Lamport


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