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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
Victor & Hugo (and Interpoll)


  Victor and Hugo,
   Bunglers in Crime 
 (1991 - 1992)
  producers: Cosgrove Hall Prods  
                    for Thames Television
 animation: 2D animation
    episodes: 30 x 22mins

     "They are the bunglers in crime ..."

Victor and Hugo are brothers and partners in crime. And this foolish French duo
    are available for hire via their criminal company, Naughtiness International.
    But with Victor and Hugo crime never pays, because they are always guaranteed
    to come unstuck through their sheer bungling incompetence. Their streetwise 
    parrot pal Interpoll doesn't help much, either. He serves as the team's telephone
    answering service - literally - because he's regularly pulled from his perch and
    held up like a telephone as calls come in and crooked jobs are  undertaken.
    Mind you, Victor and Hugo's world is all-round bizarre, because they frequent
    an alternate earth where anthropomorphic animals coexist with humans.

     Victor and Hugo (Cosgrove Hall Prods)   Victor and Hugo (Cosgrove Hall Prods)

    Cosgrove Hall bring us lots of euro-nonsense and idiocy here, in what was the
    last of their 2D productions before Thames TV lost their franchise and Cosgrove
    Hall Productions became Cosgrove Hall Films. The two bungling burglars
    actually have their origins in two guest villains from Count Duckula - a pair
    of crooked birds called Gaston and Pierre (Nyanko highlights the progression
    beautifully). The voice cast features four Cosgrove Hall regulars in the form
    of Jimmy Hibbert, David Jason, Brian Trueman and Edward Kelsey, and they
    all have splendid fun with their characterization - especially David Jason,
    who borrows liberally from "The Goons" with his voice for Hugo.

    Needless to say, the names of our titular stars combine to bring us that of
    the French literary giant, Victor Hugo. Eagle-eyed and eared, viewers will also
    spy and hear several sneaky references and asides to "DangerMouse" and
    "Count Duckula" shoehorned into proceedings.

    On the licensing front, Carnival Books published a number of tie-in storybooks
    by Jimmy Hibbert, and Rod Green penned several more stories for a series from
    Boxtree books. A handful of audio book editions were also produced.

    Victor and Hugo, publishers in crime!


    Episode titles

    Season One
                            Season Two
    Panda-Monium!                         Acting the Goat
    Spacial Event                           Artful Dodgers
    Water Boobies                          Is There a Doctor in the House?
    Cowboys and Indiscipline            Woof and Tumble
    Hyp-Not-Isn't                           Treasure Haunt
    Auto-Manic Transmission            Tempers Fugit
    The Hole Truth and Nothing...      French Exchange
    The Case of the Vose Vase         The Poultry-Geist
    Dummy Run                              Jester Moment
    Scout's Dishonour                     Stone Me!
    Escort Red-Handed                   Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Dolt
    Private Ears                             Pie in the Sky
    Blunder on the Orient Express      Unstable Fable
                                                 The Hound of the Hobbes-Sutclyffes
                                                 Yule Be Sorry
                                                 But Me No Butlers
                                                 Do-In Yourself


     Broadcast info

     "Panda-Monium!" premeiered on ITV on 6th September 1991...

  spacer number five

     Victor and Hugo on DVD

     UK DVD
 Most Wanted: Classic Kids TV
                One episode of the show - "Panda-monium" - is included in this
                Cosgrove Hall compilation disc produced by Fremantle Home Ent


      director:      Brian Cosgrove
      producers:   Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall
      exec prod:   John Hambley

      writers:       Brian Trueman, Jimmy Hibbert

      animation:  Willard Kitchen, Jean Flynn,
                        John Offord
      music:        David Roylance
      voices:       Jimmy Hibbert (Victor)
                       David Jason (Hugo / Interpoll / Meccanaeux)
                       Brian Trueman
                       Edward Kelsey


     On the web

     Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain
     A fabulous fan-site, this one. Nyanko
gives us a terrific close-up look
     at the development of Victor and Hugo, as well as a handy episode
     guide, with notes and comments...

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