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British TV series

     Wide Eye - copyright Abbey Home Media Group Plc   

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   Wide Eye
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    producers: King Rollo Films for
                      Abbey Home Media and CBBC
2D animation
      episodes: 52 x 10mins

    "Wide Eye, Wide Eye, up in the big sky,
     Is watching out for all his friends..."


    Wide Eye is a wise old owl who lives in the heart of Natterjack Forest with
    his young son Little Hoot, and the lad's best friend Flea. He's also something
    of a father figure to the other woodland creatures, like the Natterjack toads who
    give their name to the woodland, Great Grandma toad, 99 the Centipede, Hetty
    the Hornet, Rangatang the ape and Conchita the Chilean chinchilla.

    Mind you, Wily Komodo could learn a thing-or-two from Wide Eye, because
    his own parenting skills with Baby Komodo are often sorely lacking. With the help
    of arch spy Batwing the bat, Wily appears intent on causing mischief
    for the other forest folk...

    "Wide Eye" was animated by King Rollo Films for Abbey Home Media and
    CBBC, and given a jaunty singalong theme tune by Keith Hopwood. The series
    compliments an internationally successful Early Learning Programme, used to
    teach life skills and concepts and little lessons in a child-friendly way. If the
    look of the production is familiar, it's because it's based on artwork by
    Steve Smallman, who's illustrated and written lots of picturebooks and
    stories over the years. You might also recognise his name from his
    involvement with The Raggy Dolls...

    "Benjamin Bear Says Sorry" illustrated  by Steve Smallman / "Bumbletum" written by Steve Smallman


    » In the episode Rangatang's Shop, Conchita Chinchilla reveals that her
        full name is in fact -
deep breath - Conchita Carmen Maria de la Cruz...


    who lives where in Natterjack Forest?

   name                            residence
   Wide Eye & Hoot              a hole high up in a tree
   The Natterjack Toads       a bower house, by Natterjack Pond
   Great Grandma Toad         a cotttage, by Ripple Pond
   Conchita                        under the roots of a tree
   99 the Centipede             a tunnel
   Rangatang                      a treehouse
   Wily & Baby Komodo         a rocky den             


Wide Eye episodes

    Little Hoot Learns to Fly           Batwing's Cave
    Toad in a Teapot                    A Big Sleep
    Rangatang's shop                    Firefly Moon
    Spotty Little Hoot                   Great Grandma's Birthday
    The Weather Machine              Hetty Hornet Gets Busy
    The Jolly Natterjack                 The Natterjack Band
    Komodo's Crossing                   The Natterjack Forest Fair
    Snapdragon Monster                Time For Bed
    99's Boot                               A Winter Surprise
    Conchita's Party
    The Forest Regatta
    Great Grandma's Party
    Big Baby
    The Wondrous Wishing Tree
    Message in a Bottle
    A Snowy Owl
    The Special Club
    Zoom to the Moon     


Wide Eye on DVD

There are three stand alone releases available in the UK:

     UK DVD
Wide Eye: The Adventures of Little Hoot and Flea
               Region 2 / five episodes / Abbey Home Media / March 2004

     UK DVD
Wide Eye: The Jolly Natterjack
               Region 2 / five episodes / Abbey Home Media / April 2005

     UK DVD
Wide Eye and the Forest Regatta
               Region 2 / five episodes / Abbey Home Media / May 2006

     You'll also find "Wide Eye" episodes on these two compilation dvds:

     UK DVD Bumper Favourites
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / July 2004

     UK DVD Bumper Favourites 2
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / June 2006


     a King Rollo Films production
     for Abbey Home Media and CBBC

                  Leo Nielsen
     producer for
     Abbey Home Media:  
Mike Robinson
     exec producers:
       Theresa Plummer-Andrews (BBC)
                                    Anne & Ian Miles (Abbey Home Media)
                 Clive Juster
                     Jimmy Hibbert
     script editor for
     Abbey Home Media:
  Karen Foster
                     Keith Hopwood / Pluto Entertainment
     title song, lyrics
     and vocals:
              Keith Hopwood
                  Neil Fitzgibbon
     art director:
             Andy Wagner
                                   Giraffe Film
                                   Orange Studio
                                   Pelly Film
                                   Studio Ex-ist 
           Alena Belesova, Paul Dowling,
                                   Martin Hazelgrave, Jana Lesage,
                                   Yvona Marikova, Blanka Noskova,
                                   Jiri Pesek, Irena Vronska
                  Hana Petrova, Katerina Pavova,
                                   Miroslav Poja, Tomas Vlasak,
                                   Vivian Heath, Richard Johnston,
                                   Gerard Miley
     storyboard artists:
   Andy Janes, Wayne Thomas
     animo supervisors:    
Simon Batten, Nick Price
     voice recording:
       Saunders & Gordon
Iain Grant
     voice direction:          
Clive Juster
                     Christopher Gunningham
                Leon Welchman
     post prod sound:
      Saunders & Gordon
     foley artist:
             Ruby Stevens
     dubbing mixer:
        Iain Grant
     video post prod:
      Evolutions Television
                    Adrian Church
                   Anton Rodgers (Wide Eye)
                                  Jane Horrocks (Flea)

                                  Maria Darling (Hoot)
                                  Jimmy Hibbert


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