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British TV series

      Wil Cwac Cwac

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Wil Cwac Cwac   (1986)
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producers: Siriol Animation for S4C
cel animation
      episodes: 30 x 5mins

   Wil Cwac Cwac is a duckling who lives in a farmhouse with his mother and father
    and has many big adventures with the folks and friends who live in and around
    their little Welsh village. Wil's best friend is Ifan the long-necked turkey and most
    stories inevitably feature Wil tracking down his pal for aid and assistance or just
    plain schoolboy fun. Every time Ifan speaks he can't help - gobble, gobble - adding
    a gobbling - gobble, gobble - expression into his dialogue. And Wil too, likes to add
    the occasional quack to his chatter. Our Wil is a hungry little duckling, liking
    nothing better than being able to tuck in to a bowl of snail porridge, or a yummy
    honey sandwich-or-two...

    The series was adapted by Siriol Animation from the classic stories by Jennie
    Thomas and J.O. Williams
. These stories first appeared in 1931, in the Welsh
    language book "Llyfr Mawr y Plant". The series was originally recorded in Welsh
    and later dubbed into English for a wider market.

     Wil's village    Wil and Ifan

    The "Wil Cwac Cwac" stories share that same classic sense of place and period
    as Beatrix Potter's tales. Instead of the Lake District we have a Welsh mining
    village with its rows of grey stone cottages and cobble streets. And our friend Wil
    is a wide-eyed innocent abroad, just like Peter Rabbit. Traditionally, Welsh folk
    used to add a distinctive descriptive title to people's names when they're talking
    about them. And that's the case here, with the likes of Mr Pew The Shop, the
    portly pig who runs the local grocer shop. The same expressions were used in
    Ivor the Engine with its unforgettable star Jones The Steam.

» Series narrator Myfanwy Talog was the ex-partner of David Jason.
        Sadly, she died of cancer in 1995. Her other voice-over credits include
        The BFG and Alias the Jester.

» Siriol's animation credits include the likes of SuperTed, The Blobs,
        Romuald the Reindeer and "Hilltop Hospital".

» Just an aside here, you might be interested to note that a real-life duck
        called Wil Cwac Cwac lived to be 25 years old. And that's a Guinness
        World Record, don't you know...

     Wil Cwac Cwac episodes

    Mr Puw The Shop       Wil, Sioni and the Bikes

    The Birthday             Clogs
    Late for School          Doctor Parry
    The Fishing Rod         Cousin Percy
    Football                   Thief
    Atchoo!                   Honey
    The Bike                  Horseshoe
    Hiccups                   Mill Ness Monster
    Pepper!                   Cops and Robbers
    Pancakes                 Stuck in a Tree
    The China Dog          Shower
    Whip and Top           Wil Goes Missing
    Coal House               The Ring    
    Whitewash               The Concert
    Hwmffra's Letter        Hwmffra Has a Drink


      originally created by Jennie Thomas
      and J.O. Williams
      produced in Wales for S4C by Siriol Animation Ltd

              Robin Lyons
 Beth McFall
       Uriel William
     illustration:            Beth McFall
         Andrew Offiler, Wayne Thomas
            McFall Middelboe Animation
         Gerald Emanuel, Graham Bebbington,
         David McFall
        McFall Middelboe Animation
              Rosemary Welch
        Joan Bradshaw
        Iolo Jones
      musical dir:
           Mike Townend
         produced by Ambarel 
      prod coord:
            Philip Watkins
      prod asst:
              Lynne Stockford
           at P.O.V. by Wil Oswald, Jane Murrell           
              Fiona Fenna, Sue Paton
            Ron Erickson, Melanie Hill, Lis-Ann James,
Frank Koller, Carol Leslie, Ceri Matthews,
Samantha Reynolds, Philip Simmonds,
  Martyn Yates
      paint mixers:
         Wendy Keay-Bright, Anna-Louise Roberts,
           Sarah Markham         
      infotec operator:
    Christopher Plummer
      siriol rostrum:
        Tim Francis            
              Myfanwy Talog


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