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British TV series

     William's Wish Wellingtons

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William's Wish

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producers: Hibbert Ralph for BBC Worldwide
                      & Children's Television Workshop
    animation: 2D animation
    episodes: 26 x 5 mins

    "You know you're gonna have a lot of fun,
     when William puts on his wellingtons..."
    William's wellies are wonderful. When he's wearing them, whatever he wishes
    for comes trues, which is handy for foiling bullies, embarking on adventures,
    and having lots of fun...

    William's adventures begin when his mother buys his a pair of bright red
    wellington boots, which have a secret note inside:

     "These are Wish Wellingtons,
      put them on and make a wish..."

    Well, you can't get much clearer than that, can you? When William makes a wish
    he taps the heels of his boots together and - whoosh! - we get a burst of stars,
    followed by bright red and yellow concentric rings...

    William's best pal is his sheepdog, Barksure, who often accompanies him on his
    magical travels. Barksure reminds one of Wordsworth, from Jamie and the Magic
    Torch, and in fact, the show shares other similarities with that Cosgrove Hall
    classic: There are the red and yellow rings which splash the screen whenever
    wellie magic is weaved, and the key influence in William's young life is his mother
    (just like young Jamie). But William's adventures aren't quite so wild. Instead
    of Cuckooland we have palaces, deserts, circuses and shipwrecks. William's
    adventures are very gentle, with a soft-centred moral, and just a sprinkling of
    silliness. It's a lovely little series, actually, and it was brought to us by Graham
    Ralph, when he was one half of Hibbert Ralph. Nowadays, Graham heads up
    Silver Fox Films.

    Wellington boots are particularly British, aren't they? William's bring his wishes
    to life, but a decade earlier, another young lad called Willie was having all sorts
    of trouble with his Wonder Wellies...


    episode titles

    1.William and Barksure              14.Circus William
    2.Shrinking William                   15.William Hood
    3.William the Conkeror              16.William and the Pirate's Wreck
    4.Pirate William                       17.William of Arabia
    5.William's Big Tidy Up              18.William and the Genie
    6.William to the Rescue            19.Jurassic William
    7.Sir William                            20.William and the Sheep
    8.Sweet Williams                     21.Jungle William
    9.William and the Whale            22.Sherlock William
    10.William and the Alien            23.Ancient William
    11.Wild West William                24.Storyteller William
    12.William and the Penguin        25.King William
    13.William and the Wrong Feet   26.William and the Friendly Ghost


    broadcast info

     The first episode was broadcast on BBC1 25th October 1994 at 3.35pm...


      a Hibbert Ralph Entertainment production

      based on an original idea by Carole Lapworth     
      original artwork by Vanessa Wild

     director:              Graham Ralph

     producer:            John Carey, Karen Davidsen

     exec prod:           Nina Elias Bamberger (for CTW)
                               Theresa Plummer-Andrews (for BBC Worldwide)
     asst vp program
            Shalom Fisch, phd
     story outlines
      & scripts:
            Mark Holloway
     storyboards:        Tec Pettengell, Nobby Clark, Paul R Stone
     prod man:            Kim Stephenson
     prod asst:            Jackie Edwards
     backgrounds:       Dorse Jukes
     animation:           Mark Mason Animation Ltd.
     asst animation:    Billy Allison
     music:                 Kick Productions
     layouts:               Dan Whitworth
     line tests:            Paul Barnes
     ink & paint:          Anne Place, Lynn Hardie, Bev James
     xerox:                Tony McAleese
     post prod:           M2 Facilities
     narrator:             Andrew Sachs


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