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British TV series
Wolves Witches & Giants

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   Wolves, Witches
  and Giants
              (1995 -1999)
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    producers: Honeycomb Animation
                      Wolfgang Cartoons for Carlton TV
    animation: 2D animation

      4 series                        CINDERELLA
      1995 / 13 x 10mins       1996 / 2 x 11mins special
      1996 / 13 x 10mins
      1997 / 13 x 10mins       SNOW WHITE
      1998 / 13 x 10mins       1997 / 2 x 11mins special

                                          1999 / 1 x 25mins special

   "Once upon a time there was... a wily wolf...
    a wicked witch... and a ginooooooormous giant!"

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     Are you sitting comfortably? - Then we can begin this terrific series which
     retells traditional folk and fairy tales with a thoroughly modern glint in its eye.
     Goldilocks, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel - you name them, they're here as they
     should be, but their stories take a very different turn in the woods
, to reach
     highly unexpected endings and bizarre resolutions.

     This particular storyland realm is dominated by those wolves, witches and
     giants of the title, and one or more of these three fearsome breeds seem to
     get themselves embroiled in every tale, along with a host of modern furnishings
     buildings and adornments. Take the familiar story of "Goldilocks". In this
     version, the three bears are constantly being harassed by wolves who hold
     all-night parties and do wheelies around the lanes on their motorbikes, so
     they up sticks to a better neighbourhood. Daddy Bear has Solihull in mind,
     in fact.

It's the wolf!

    Yes, it's that's kind of show.
It's all great fun, and its shepherded along by
     the even greater Spike Milligan, who narrates each tale with meandering glee.
     Spike has that sense of  someone not quite following his script (actually
     written by Ed Welch). He threatens to trip over his own sentences at any
     moment, or run right off the page he's reading from. It's a treat to behold,
     and it's little wonder the show won a coveted RTS award in 1995. It even
     garnered a second RTS nomination in 1997...

    "Wolves, Witches and Giants" was produced by Simon and Sara Bor of
     Honeycomb Animation. They made four series of the show, together with
     three specials. "Cinderella" and "Snow White" were two-part productions,
     whilst the last, "Aladdin", was a one-off half-hour. Honeycomb have since
     returned to folk tale realms with those Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids...

» Collectors might want to track down the two tie-in books published by
         Scholastic in 1996. "Hansel & Gretel" and "Little Red Riding Hood"
         feature pictures from the show, and were once again adapted
         by Ed Welch...

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     1995 Royal Television Society - Best Children's Entertainment

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    The Wolf and the Seven Kids         Beauty and the Beast
    Little Red Riding Hood
                  The Little Snow Girl
    The Little Red Hen
                      The Giant and the Apprentice
    The Three Little Pigs
                   Peter and the Wolf
    Puss in Boots
                             The Three Billy Goats Gruff
    The Little Mermaid
                      The Little Tailor
    The Wolf and the Horse
               The Giant with the Golden Hair
    The Witch and the Mill
                 Jack and the Beanstalk
                                  The Sleeping Beauty
    The Snowqueen
    The Wolf and the Fox
                 The Witch and the Comb
    Billy's Halloween
                         Hansel and Gretel
    Sweet and Sour
                          Witch Tales
    The Three Wishes
    Molly and the Giant

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directed and designed
      by Simon and Sara Bor

      traditional tales adapted by Ed Welch

     exec prod:      John Marsden
     project man:   Mike Robinson
     asst dir:          Andy Wyatt
     music:            Ed Welch
Jon Miller, Andy Thomas, Jeff Short,
                           Joan Freestone, Les Brookbank,
                           Francis Lowe, Mihaly Sikur,
                           Ferenc Yarsanyi, Sinan Gungor,
                           Corinna Nikel, Robert Tomala,
                           Akos Feyer, Katya Mankova,
                           Katalin More, Zoltan Turi,
                           Sandor Vago
     colour sups:    Ruth Wallace, Cristina McMorrow,
                           Phil Cutler, Jutka Kenemy
     b'grounds:      Virginia Head
     prod mans:     Sarah Thomas, Jeno Vass,
                           Mya Rothkirch, Krisztina Varga,
                           Sandor Paulik
     camera:          Chris Williams
     sound:            Becki Ponting
     editor:            Tamer Osman
     narrator:         Spike Milligan

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      On the web

      Honeycomb Animation
      The official studio site, featuring lots of info on Honeycomb
      and their productions...

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