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British TV series

Yoho Ahoy - a COG/BBC Worldwide production


      Yoho Ahoy    (1999 - 2000)

      producers: The Consortium of Gentlemen
                        (COG) for the BBC
stop-motion animation
        episodes: 52 x 5mins

    "Yoho!"    "Ahoy!"
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   Avast, and welcome
aboard the Rubber Duck, the roving galleon home of a motley
   crew of baby buccaneers. There's the blustering captain Bilge and Cutlass the pirate,
   first mate Swab, Poop the cabin boy, Jones the engineer, ship's cook Grog, the
   deckhand Plank, beautiful but snooty Booty, young lady Plunder, and the lookout
   known as Crow. Booty has an exotic pink Flamingo friend, and the vessel is also
   home to a crafty Ship's Cat and several Rats. This colourful cast is lost a sea with
   a hold full of plunder and as they drift hither and thither on the ocean waves they
   engage in numerous mishaps, escapades, and diversions, none of which seem
   to ever bring them closer to home!

   Let's get this straight right now: "Yoho Ahoy" is pure barnacled brilliance. The
   characters and their galleon environment are fabulously designed; an attractive,
   eclectic mix of nursery colours and familiar piratical adornments. But the package
   is topped with a fabulous twist. The characters can only ever speak two words, those
"Yoho!" and "Ahoy!" Thus we have wonderful conversations between the decks
   as one character calls out the former and another replies with the latter. You'd be
   surprised at how many different inflections can be given to the words...

   "Yoho Ahoy" was launched upon animated seas by the Consortium of Gentleman,
    and women, otherwise known as COG. And it's the COG team who provide
    all the voices for the show...



    2001 - Banff Television Festival Rockie Award: Best Animation
              for "Yoho Ahoy: Buzz with Jones"


   "Cheese with Grog" title card from Yoho Ahoy - a COG/BBC Worldwide production

    Yoho Ahoy episodes

    Every episode title features a word and a character. Thus, we
    get the following..

    Mops with Poop             Chairs with Grog
    Fish with Grog               Pop with Swab
    Flag with Bilge               Lullaby with Booty
    Boing with Jones            Snore with Poop
    Blow with Poop              Bilge's Surprise
    Fiddle with Swab           Buzz with Jones
    Bullseye with Cutlass
      Jig with Booty
    Pancake with Poop         Paint with Booty
    Puff with Jones              Bone with Plunder
    Jug with Swab               Heave with Booty
    Cheese with Grog           Sneeze with Rats
    Sail with Jones               Pest with Plank
    Lost with Swab              Peck with Flamingo
    Feast with Rats             Bed with Cat
    Clonk with Flamingo        Beat with Cat
    Art with Crow                Pass with Jones
    Bell with Parrot              Snooze with Cat
    Bowl with Bilge              Hide with Crow
    Drill with Parrot             Pop with Swab
    Flotsam with Plunder
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    Broadcast info

    The series premiered on BBC1, 7th January 2000 at 3.45pm...

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     Yoho Ahoy on DVD

     UK DVD Playtime (introducing Tikkabilla)
                Two episodes are included on this BBC compilation, together
                with Andy Pandy, Bill & Ben and those Little Robots...


     a BBC Worldwide COG production
     for the BBC

    producer:            Julian Roberts   
    exec producer:    Theresa Plummer-Andrews
    directors:            Mark Slater, Mole Hill
    stories:               Stan Cullimore, Mark Slater
    series designer:   Mole Hill
    music & sound:    John Tackley
    puppets:             Maggie Haden, Richard Blakey
    animators:          John Harmer, Malcolm Lamont,
                              Gail Thomas
    asst animator:     Shelly Wain
    sets & props:       Clare Burchill, Bernadette Bentley,
                              Anoushka Gitsoff, Kathryn Prince,
                              Hester Peden, Sarah Wells,
                              Mona Baur, James Morgan,
                              John Krausa, Wendy Collins
    editor:                Joss Cope
    digital artist:       Sarah Thornhill
    prod manager:    Simi Mougne     
    voices:               Joss Cope
                             Shelly Wain
                             Mole Hill
                             Mark Slater
                             Simi Mougne
                             Julian Roberts
                             Sarah Thornhill         


     On the web

     The Consortium of Gentlemen
     COG's official web site...

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