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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
   'Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!' from Collingwood O'Hare & HIT Entertainment


              (2002 - 2003)

   producers: Collingwood O'Hare
                     for HIT Entertainment
   animation: 2D animation
     episodes: 52 x 5mins

                            26 x 1min interstitials

     "Yoko! - Jako! - Moko! - Blsssfrrt!"
                                                          - Toto gets fruity

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    Yoko, Jakamoko and Toto are three lively latin spirits bottled and blended with
    South American rythmns to produce a most infectious and original cartoon series.    

    Yoko is a free-thinking bird of paradise, Jakamoko is a slow-but-sure armadillo
    and Toto a cheeky monkey-geist. Together they explore a colourful latin
    landscape of pampas scrub, parched plateaus, and lush forests, encountering
    new friends, spooky places, and odd creations everywhere they go. And more
    importantly, they found out about each other along the way; their good points,
    their bad points, how to compromise, how to get the most out of things together.
    The threesome interact through simple sounds and laughter, expressing one
    or more of their names out loud and adding inflection or repetition as required.
    It's very effective!

    The series looks terrific, from the 'day-glo' character designs through to the
    textured effects woven through the backgrounds. Stylistically, Tony Collingwood's
    team have embraced the triangles and ziggurat steps of the Aztecs and Incas
    and the landscapes feature a bright splashy palette of oranges, violets, and
    yellows. Underlying every action and interaction is music and rythmn. This
    too is most attractive; flighty pan pipes and maracas and spanish guitars
    and a jolly backbeat. Capping it all is the brightest, liveliest, most addictive
    title sequence imaginable.    

    'Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!' defies it's pre-school scheduling. It's funny for kids
    big and snall, with lots of cheeky shenanigans to keep us amused. It's also
    surprisingly touching when our characters reconcile with one another, or stop
    to admire the stars at night. And this little Latin wonder has now gone on to
    collect two shiny Children's BAFTAs from the 2004 awards: One for Best
    Pre-School Animation and the other for Best Original Writing - this for a show
    with ne-er a word of dialogue aside from the characters' names!

    The show's triumph came at the second time of asking, it having been nominated
    in  2003 in the same categories. And Collingwood O'Hare are BAFTA regulars,
    of course, having won gongs for the likes of Animal Stories, Eddy and the Bear
    and their most recent offering - ssh! - The Secret Show....

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     2004 - Children's BAFTA: Best Pre-School Animation
               Children's BAFTA: Best Writer - Original Material
     2004 - British Animation Awards (BAA) - Writers Award
     2003 - Bradford Animation Festival - Best TV Series For Children
     2002 - Annecy International - Best Pilot
     2002 - Cartoons Of The Bay, Positano - Best Pilot

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    1st season episodes

   The Special Thing          The Egg                      The Lesson
   The Scary Monster        The Bip                        The Song
   The Waterhole              The Visit                      The Meal
   The Patient                  The Naughty Noise        The Windy Day       
   The Whale                   The New Best-Friend      The Hiccups
   The Night                     The Girlfriend                The Copycat
   The Shell                     The Cave                     The New King
   The Very Sticky Thing    The Other Side             The Other Monkey
   The Fly                        The Longest Day

   2nd season episodes

   The Smell                     The Babysitters            The Seeds
   The Traveller                 The Hole                     The Rival
   The Island                    The Voice                    The Beetle
   The Coconut                 The Puzzle                   The Late Night
   The Dreamers                The Migration               The Tallest
   The Snow                     The Log                      The Contest
   The Meerkats                The Mango                  The Bad Word
   The In Crowd                The Butterfly                The Dance
   The Chick                     The Show

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     Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! on DVD

    This is a deleted title now, and hard to track down. But
    it's all that's been made available, thus far:

     UK DVD Adventures With Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!

                Region 2 / nine episodes / HIT Entertainment / April 2003

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      created and directed by Tony Collingwood
      directed and designed by Andrea Tran

Chris O'Hare
    Tony Collingwood
      script editor:   
Helen Stroud            
Tom Elmes, chris Drew
       Al Douglas, Nick Gibson
      studio man:   
Alexander Lentjes
Paul Gunson, Fabrice Langelier,
                         Kate Fortune Jones
Julian Hanshaw, Richard James,
                         Karen Ullmann, Dennis Sisterson
                         Tanya Fenton, Matthew Hood,
                         Paul Daley, Peter Bunzl,
                         Gordon Langley
Fred Ziecker
Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz
      sound eng:     
David Peacock
      post prod:       
Richard Lambert, Trevor Smith,
                         Pete Dixon
      prod man:       
David Elden
Mueser Alibey, Finola Davis, Juliet Golz,
                         Mark Wright, Paul Skevington
          Roger Jackson
Alex Kelly (Yoko)
                         Gary Martin (Jakamoko)
                         Rob Rackstraw (Toto) 

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     On the web

Collingwood O'Hare 

     There's lots more YJT info on the producers' web site...

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© Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd / HIT Entertainment Ltd / F2009