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British TV series

Zot the Dog, animated by Mark Mason & Fat City Films, from the books by Ivan Jones


      Zot the Dog    (1996)

      producers: Fat City Films for
                        BMH Television / HTV
2D animation
        episodes: 13 x 10mins

    "Zot the Dog! - Zot the dog!
    My old chum..."

  spacer number two

    He's not Spot, he's Zot. And he's a dog. And just in case we aren't sure, the
    deliriously reptetitive title song for this series states the fact, over and over.
    We're also told that he's his owner's best friend, and we're posed some
    questions. What on earth goes on in Zot's head all day, and does he
    really understand a word that's said to him?

    Well, there's our cue to find out, because as he and Clive roam around
    we get to see just what's going on, via that handy old cartoon tool, the thought
    bubble. When Zot goes in to thinking mode, up comes his a bubble to show
    us exactly what's he's pondering, and it goes without saying, Zot's isn't really
    on the same wavelength as his master at all!

Zot's thinking again in Zot the Dog, animated by Mark Mason & Fat City Films, from the books by Ivan Jones

    Zot the Dog is based on the popular books by Ivan Jones and nimbly animated
    by Mark Mason and the team at Fat City Films. And whilst dotty Zot has no
    voice, all the other animals they encounter, like Mr Rat and Mr Mole, can
    converse quite ably, thanks to comedian Phil Cool - he being famous for
    utilising his rather versatile facial features in his stage routines.

   » Ivan Jones has also brought us the Ghost Hunter books, published by
       Scholastic and adapted into a spooky tv series by the BBC.

   » If the character designs look familiar, that's because Mark Mason and
       Fat City Films previously worked together on that top-hopping toon,
       Philbert Frog.

» And director Francis Vose has an extensive animation CV that includes
      production and
direction credits on such Cosgrove Hall classics as
      The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship, Oh! Mr Toad!, Little Robots,
      Rupert Bear: Follow the Magic and many more...

Zot the Dog episodes

The Tip
   The Ghost
   Lake Newt Monster
   Zot of the Antarctic
   Zot the Frog
   Rattled Rats
   Snake Charm
   Ship Shape
   Little Darlings
   Skeleton Caves


    a BMH television production

    from the books by Ivan Jones

               Philip Lowrey
                 Francis Vose
    adapted by:
            Chris Bryan-Smith
                    John Wilson
          Mark Mason
   animation:               Hedley Allison, Dan Whitworth
   storyboards:            Jez Hall
   designs, layouts,
    paint & trace:
          Fat City Films
   editing:                    Flix
   voices:                    Phil Cool


     On the web

      Fat City Films
      Fat City's web site was here once - honest!...

      Mark Mason Animation
      Mark co-ordinated the animation on the series...

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© Ivann Jones / Fat City Films / BMH TElevision / HTV / F2009